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Life Coaching


Do you have a burning desire to reach the next level of Performance , Growth and Contribution in your life  ?

Or maybe your best made plans are not quite working out for you ?

Or maybe you are skimming close to BURNOUT, have recurring health issues or niggling injuries holding you back in life ?

Or maybe you are having issues with procrastination  – and not sticking to your GAME PLAN – like you would like to ?

At times like these we all need a coach  :

Coaches see what we can’t. Coaches help us push right up to and thru our own limitations. We are ALWAYS capable of more than we think when we really push ourselves : Corey Wayne


Hi, I’m coach Rob Opie.

If you are wanting to power up your  life – power up your game , I invite you to experience the game- changing power of THE GAME PLAN METHOD.

It comes with a 100 % money back guarantee, but to date nobody has ever asked for their money back . That’s how confident I am , that I can help YOU to reach that next level of growth , performance and  contribution .

Become the CEO of your life. Start TODAY.

Rob’s coaching is designed to inspire and empower people to realise their greatest potential : John Robbie

TO BOOK A 100 MINUTE COACHING SESSION , simply email me personally at :

You can either book a face – to – face session ( dependent on your location and my travel plans ), or a skype audio/ phone coaching sessions.

SPECIAL 2021 OFFER : Cost R1000.00.

Here’s more on THE GAME PLAN METHOD and how it will help YOU to achieve your own greatest potential .

Every game has a winner. Every winner has a game plan.

The level of your current GAME PLAN FOR LIFE dictates your destiny –  how much winning –  and how much losing you will be doing in your life.

It makes sense then that if you want to power up your life – you must power up your game .

THE GAME PLAN METHOD will help you to do just that.

It’s a powerful methodology derived solely from thousands of case studies of the great champions of business, sport and life  –  what they know , what they do and what they do not  do to achieve their greatest potential .

It models and packages their collective wisdom – their strategies and tactics – so that YOU don’t have to.

There are three simple, but far from simplistic steps, to creating, building and maintaining a HIGH LEVEL GAME PLAN  for your professional and personal life :

Here they are:

Step One : Brand  Reality Check.

Where do I come from ? Where am I now ? Where do I want to be ?

Here we look at your current situation – your current reality –  your current challenges  – and where you would like to be sooner, rather than later !

Step Two : Brand  Diagnostics .

What is currently working for you  ? What is currently not working for you ?

Here we take out the current constraints and place your focus on what’s important in life.

Step Three : Brand Game Plan .

RE-Look. RE-Imagine . RE-Boot

This is the  all- important unique part of  THE GAME PLAN METHOD.

Here we go inside your current Game Plan to determine it’s current level, then we re-structure as a NEW HIGHER  LEVEL GAME PLAN .

Once you have all this in place – you are all set to go.


Optional ongoing further coaching enables me to help YOU along the journey to achieving your goals by holding you accountable and helping you thru your challenges.

TO BOOK A COACHING SESSION , simply email me personally at :

You can either book a TWO HOUR one-on- one coaching session( dependent on your location and my travel plans ), or a two ONE HOUR phone coaching sessions. Cost R1000.00

More on Rob Opie: Performance Coach to Teams and Life Coach to Individuals.

In my blood runs People and Brands …………

Each and everyone of us , whether we know it or not,  is in  SELLING (Closing the deal) and MARKETING (Creating and Sustaining Relationships ).

Talent, beauty, strength, intelligence, kindness, humor, wealth, power are all ways we advertise and market our value as human beings.

But, in reality only a very few of us go on to fully leverage the inherent power which lies in PERSONAL  BRANDING.

Personal Branding is creating and leveraging your outer image and inner identity

It’s PERSONAL BRANDING that sets the great champions apart in life.
It’s PERSONAL BRANDING that evokes the human emotional response .
It’s PERSONAL BRANDING which elicits the extra-ordinary.
It’s PERSOAL BRANDING that unlocks and unleashes human potential.
It’s  PERSONAL BRANDING  that triggers a magical multiplier effect.
 It’s PERSONAL BRANDING which creates people with purpose.
It’s PERSONAL BRANDING  that acts as one’s compass in good times and ones scaffolding in  challenging times .
It’s PERSONAL BRANDING which builds character and culture .
It’s BRANDING that galvanizes people and teams  into unified  action
It’s BRANDING that turns potential horse power into actual horse power .

TO BOOK A COACHING SESSION , simply email me personally at :

You can either book a TWO HOUR one-on- one coaching session( dependent on your location and my travel plans ), or a two ONE HOUR phone coaching sessions. Cost R1000.00

More on my personal background  ?

ROBO COP 3Rob Opie , B. Business Science UCT, founder of THE GAME PLAN , is a Brand Strategist , Author, Key note speaker , Performance coach to teams and Life coach to Individuals.

Having worked for and with many of South Africa’s great companies , he has over two decades experience in helping both teams and individuals to reach the next level of Performance, Growth and Contribution .

He helps teams and individuals to achieve their own greatest potential

Get in touch at:

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We all need life coaches who can guide and help us to become better performers but we need to show up for practice to make it happen and Rob’s books and wisdom offer us that opportunity. It is about participating in the game of life so you can’t be a loser : Bernie Siegel

Hi Rob…

 Wow Wheeeee….where even to begin with the extreme gratitude I have for the most valued 2hrs spent with you –     in your expert and inspirational care….an extremely great vision you have…empowering, inspiring and clarifying each and every unique persons Game Plan and Purpose…

The sense of relief alone is undescribable….to be realigned with my highest values again and to live my days with purpose again is a true Gift Rob!!!!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your expert guidance…..helping me restore my faith, me – believing in me again and now having that restored confidence too – to do what I need to do!!!!

With love and sincere gratitude…

Gen Daw


The  Game Plan Method has given me a new perspective on life and where I need to be going .Knowing  what my true purpose is, is the most amazing feeling. I just feel alive again. Thank you so much , you’re a true  inspiration.

Craig Richards. Momentum