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The powerful role of “E” EMOTIONS in our lives.

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f I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”       Sir Isaac Newton”


 From our ‘ONE MINUTE ‘ Rugby World Cup heroes to our upcoming ’30 year elections, ‘E’ POWER is everywhere to be witnessed and leveraged.

It’s the knowledge of these E-EMOTIONS which allows us to fully leverage them in order to live our own lives better and better.

 “Human emotion is the ultimate resource – the ultimate force‘: Anthony Robbins

If you are seeking to fully empower your emotional self in 2024, here’s how.

Ultimately it’s a game of life where one needs to avoid the negative ones and attract the positives ones into one’s life.

Here they are the ‘BIG FIVE’ positive emotions via a helicopter view:

 #1:       GRATITUDE.

Gratitude is a human emotion with the immense ability to create health & happiness.

’Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more.

 It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, and confusion into clarity.

It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a

vision for tomorrow.’        Melody Beattie

Here are three steps to practice gratitude and feel more grateful, and appreciative of the good things in your life:

  1. Notice good things, look for them, and appreciate them.
  2. Savour, absorb, and really pay attention to those good things.
  3. Express your gratitude to yourself, write it down, or thank someone.

If often evident with post-match interviews by our sporting stars. There interviews always reflect on gratitude for just being part of some sporting great event.


“Love yourself and good things will be attracted into your life” Dr Bernie Siegel

To prove the power which lies in these first two ‘ Big Five ‘emotions – gratitude and unconditional love – we only have turn to our very own selected experts – our dogs.

Dogs are indeed man’s best friend as they teach us so much power in the emotional realm. Things that we as humans sometimes just take for granted. South Africans are known to love their dogs for a reason. Appreciate what they can teach us. As Jimmy Soul could have sung it a little differently:

If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life – get a dog.”


#3              ACCEPTANCE


Acceptance is a powerful positive emotion when things seem to not being going your way – which happens in the game of life.

Maybe it’s not being selected for that Rugby World Cup Final starting 15, when you have come all the way with the team in preliminary games. In times like this acceptance plays a powerful role in keeping the player on track for the greater team – and indeed themselves.

Acceptance involves acknowledging the “unvarnished facts” of ourselves and our situation – the good and the not so good, without judging ourselves. Rather than this causing us to be stuck with things as they are, acceptance is the foundation for growth and change.

It helps us grow.

“Acceptance Is the First Step toward Peace” – Tiny Buddha


#4           FORGIVENESS

“Forgiveness is giving up the hope that what would have, could have, should have happened; in fact…it did not happen. It’s accepting the reality of what did happen, and moving on”: Oprah


Forgiveness therefore frees you up, giving you back the power.

It’s powerfully leveraged by the great champions of life.

Leverage it.


#5              JOY

Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. It is what we all seek and potent positive emotion to leverage.

Some days, between the stresses of everyday life and the onslaught of negative news that surrounds us, it’s just not that easy to turn your frown upside down.

It sounds so simple: As Frank Sinatra sung,

When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you

Just smile. Happiness starts with a smile

Smiling is a raw positive emotion and so good to see.

Leverage it daily.


There they are – the “Big Five which can be leveraged to put you – and keep you firmly on the path to happiness and health – bolstering the power within YOU in order to live a prosperous and peaceful life.

“You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.” Walter Hagen

Now you know…………………..



While your focus must firmly be on leveraging the BIG FIVE positive emotions, you also need to know that our balanced universe will throw at us dangerous negative emotions – they exist as the BIG FIVE negative set of emotions.

They are all highly toxic in the human realm.

Beware as they can go as far as taking human lives.

It’s vital to steer well clear of these 5 negatives named below – as they will seriously impact on your health and wealth,




#1:    RESENTMENT which leads one to cancer

#2     HATE which can leads one to heart attack

#3     CRITICISM which leads one to many of the arthritic dis-eases

#4     GUILT which leads one to motor neuron dis-ease and

#5     FUTILTY (Self Pity) which leads one to addiction and depression.


None of these will help you on your path to health or happiness, BUT the good news is that the Big Five POSITIVE emotions are far more powerful and will put you on your own path to health and happiness – that is if you keep your primary focus on them.


Whatever field you may practice in the realms of lif, make sure to leverage off positive “e” EMOTIONL motions.

They inspire.

Keep Smiling.

Rob Opie is a Performance Coach to teams and individuals, Speaker and six times Author.






The WAR against CANCER can be won. Here is how.

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When United States President Richard Nixon signed the National Cancer Act into effect in 1971,

most Americans – and the rest of the world – believed that if America could put a man on the moon, the war against cancer would soon be over. More than 45 years later rogue cancer cells continue to cause death, destroy lives and devastate families.

Every day in the US alone, more than 1500 people succumb to the dis-ease.

In South Africa that number is estimated to be 150.

Worldwide more people die of cancer than Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria combined.

Every year more than 14 million people worldwide hear the words.

‘’You’ve got cancer’’ 

One in four South Africans is associated with cancer in some form or another. Either they have it

themselves, or they have a relative or a friend battling the dis – ease.

In April 2013, Time magazine reported that:

‘’The probability of developing some type of cancer over one’s life time is for men,

one in two, and for women, one in three.’’


What is going wrong, AND how does one go about fixing the situation?


Despite the genius advances of modern medicine in symptomatic cancer treatments and early

detection programmes, there is still a distinct lack of progress.


Recently there has been talk about cancer dream teams in the US who are collaborating to find

the cure, but in reality something needs to change – to effect different results.

The research billions have primarily been focused on modern medicines triad of treatments , namely Chemotherapy, Radiation  and Surgery- all very effective in removing cancer cells , but far less effective in preventing further cancer cells from re- inventing themselves.

Consider this extract from the movie THE WAR LORDS.

“What do you know about war?

They’ll tell you it is about patriotism, democracy, or some shit about the other guy who hates our freedom.

But you want to know what it is really about? What do you see?

A kid from Arkansas doing his patriotic duty to defend his country.

I see a helmet. Fire retardant gloves, body armor, and a M16…….. I see 17500 dollars.

That is what it costs to outfit one American soldier. Over 2 million soldiers fought in Iraq & Afghanistan

It cost the American tax payer 4, 5 Billion dollars each year- just to pay the air conditioning bills for the wars  

And that is what war is really about.


Anybody who tells you otherwise is either in it – or stupid.

But, I did now know that yet. Back then, I did not know anything.  


Likewise CANCER has become a billion dollar industry, so why change it?


Why ask the most important question of all………..the question required to conquer CANCER?


The human body moves from a state of wellness (EASE ) to a state of illness ( DIS-EASE) when it is exposed for too long to anything  we physically ( What  we put into our bodies ) ; chemically(what we put into our mouths) or emotionally ( what we put into our minds).

Modern medicine focuses on the first two and plays a vital part, but what we put into our minds emotionally is mostly neglected when we research and talk CANCER .

The fundamental question that needs to be asked is ?

What is the common denominator when it comes to all cancer?

What has every single cancer patient got in common?

And there is only ONE ANSWER.

They all hold onto a highly toxic negative emotion called LONG TERM RESENTMENT/S  – and stage one cancer delivers the answers as to where the resentment lies.

There is nothing wrong with using the triad of modern medical genius to knock out rogue cancer cells  ,but it must be done in tandem with removing long term resentment held.

Consider these three quotes:

‘’Love your life and body and good things happen .Transformation through finding harmony in your life leads to self-induced healing.’’    Dr. Bernie Siegel

“Resentment is a messy and confusing emotion to handle. It’s bitter indignation. It’s insidious. It festers. It’s toxic. It’s belief that one has been treated unfairly and it can go on for years and years.  It drives internal repressed anger, pain, and human frailty. Ultimately it creates a human emotional state of imbalance – and a “state of dis-ease” triggers. Melonie Beattie

  ‘’In hindsight, cancer has been a blessing. I view the gift of life and living, with an

infinitely more spiritual perspective and appreciate the miraculous balancing act

that underpins all our life experiences , in a new way.’’Inspirational words from a Cancer Champion

In 2022, approximately 20 million cancer cases were newly diagnosed and 9.7 million people died from the disease worldwide. By 2050, the number of cancer cases is predicted to increase to 35 million based solely on projected population growth.

Cancer is an economy and will go on unless the war against it is also looked at through an emotional lense.

It’s become a full blown economy.

And it’s getting more expensive.

For those waging war against cancer – those in it – the genius oncologists – it is big business – an economy.


No one doubts the genius of modern medicine – and the power of symptomatic drugs.

But 45 years on, the primary focus is wrong.

The primarily focus remains symptomatic , not causative.

What’s required is a RADICAL TACTIC SHIFT.

Tragically, for those facing up to cancer , it’s not likely  to come from those waging the cancer  war – from those in it –  from those making millions from the symptomatic cancer economy  .

Why would they change it?

Why would they turn their focus to cause, not symptom?

Ask which weapons manufacturer would focus on finding a peace settlement?

War is highly profitable for those in it.

The reality is that the No.1 ANTI-CANCER DRUG is one called:  LIFE BALANCE i.e. / removing the most potent negative emotion called LONG TERM HELD RESENTMENT.

This is what puts a stop to future cancer cell regeneration.

And it is FREE TO ALL.

Let us take a helicopter overview at one common cancer: BREAST CANCER. The World Health Organisation recommends breast feeding for six months BUT kind-hearted woman often continue to figuratively breast– feeding for long periods of their lives –which subconsciously builds very high levels of RESENTMENT- either via their spouses, their children or their causes. They hereby place themselves at high risk for breast cancer. By not doing it, they can avoid levels of ‘resentment and hence avoid cancer altogether. Take heed.

There are multiple other first stage situations which are similar where resentment is subconsciously triggered in the long term.

Below you will find the links to my two FREE e BOOKS:

Beware, because they are both game-changers.

And as you now know – neither is likely to find favour with those reaping millions from the cancer war.

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Rob Opie is a Brand Strategist, Speaker, Author, Editorial writer, community worker and Performance Coach to Business executives, corporate teams, Sports teams and Individuals. Rob has also researched and worked with cancer patients for over two decades.