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COVID 19. How to navigate the pandemic fatigue – and avoid ‘Burn Out’.

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Hi there

The good news is that from October 2021, South Africa moves to LEVEL ONE , but there can be little doubting that life has changed for every one of us over the past year and a bit.

Any semblance of ‘CERTAINTY’ has flown out the window.

Pandemic fatigue has set in – and how to handle ‘UNCERTAINTY” moving forward in our “roller-coaster” lives, has become a vital part of how we seek to maintain our health and wellness.

One also cannot wish away the reality that pandemic fatigue has added to what was already an existing epidemic in South Africa – one known as “BURN OUT” –  with many South Africans just feeling ‘gatvol’– South Africans who having been forced into so many compromise situations in life.

“Gatvol” is a human emotion that can often play out with severe consequences in society, health and life – as we have all witnessed with the recent rioting and other crazy incidents.

Let’s take a closer look.

“CERTAINTY” is one of the key pillars of our physiology, our health and our overall quality of life – and when it turns into constant waves of uncertainty, it’s only human to feel a little crazy at times – and act out a little crazy at times.

“UNCERTAINTY” directly and indirectly taxes our finite energy – and therefore the door stands wide open for our wellbeing to get taxed as well.

It might not be obvious right now, but herein lies the reason behind South Africa’s exponential ‘excess death’ statistics – a large number of which can be indirectly linked to ‘Covid 19’, due to our sky rocketing societal and personal stress levels.

Please do take care of yourself. 

Make sure you do not put yourself into energy overdraft.

Seek LIFE BALANCE in your life.

By that, I mean it’s wise to develop your own form of toolkit to keep oneself firmly on the road to BALANCE, HEALTH & WELLNESS in life – to guard one’s own sanity.

Here’s some powerful wisdom on WELLNESS and on how to master your health – master your life.

 It does not come from our medical fraternity – but rather from one of Great Britain’s greatest ever athletes:

“We all have a finite amount of energy. Whether you use physical, chemical or emotional energy it all comes from the same source. Wherever you focus your energy, you’re either filling or depleting the same well.” 

                                                                  – Sir Sebastian Coe

Sir Sebastian Coe has got it spot on.

We only have one HUMAN ENERGY WELL, and we are the key players when it comes to our own WELLNESS.

It’s all in our own hands as to whether we choose to fill or drain our ‘ONE & ONLY HUMAN ENERGY WELL’.

Our choice dictates whether we live a life of ‘BALANCE(ease) or IMBALANCE(dis-ease).

Here’s how it works.

Think of the HUMAN ENERGY WELL as having THREE buckets which determine our state of WELLNESS – state of ease as opposed to state of dis-ease.

At any given moment we’re either filling or depleting our own finite human energy well via these three ‘energy’ buckets.

The three energy buckets are:

Each bucket is of equal significance.

Wellness is our reward when we play the game right within all three realms of health and life – via these three buckets.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the three realms – how they work – and how YOU can create and maintain LIFE BALANCE?

Creating and maintaining balance in the PHYSICAL realm.

Thanks to medical science, the medical aid industry, the internet and other sources – there exists a vast array of knowledge to help us play the game right in the physical realm.

We know how much sleep we need.

We know how much exercise we need.

We know how much sun we need.

These are just a few physical examples in the physical realm, and most of the time we know exactly how much we need– and how little we need.

The medical aid companies have even devised science based behavioural programmes which encourage and reward us to make all the right choices – to do life better. 

It’s becoming far easier for us to create and maintain to balance in the physical realm.

Whether it is too much or too little of whatever – the universal message is heard loud and clear in the physical realm – and we make amends to create and  maintain balance in our physical lives.

But, how does it play out in the other two realms of health and life– chemical and emotional?

Creating and maintaining balance in the CHEMICAL realm.

Luckily when it comes to what we take in through our mouths and noses, there is no shortage of knowledge, advice and opinion – from many different professional sources.

However, the real challenge is what to believe – and what not to believe– as most of these messages are commercial.

The human smart thing is to rather listen to our bodies – taking heed of what our bodies are telling us.

In the chemical realm – our bodies are quick to tell us what it likes, and what it does not like.

When we take in through our mouths and noses what the body does not like – it has a whole host of ways to teach us about  the creation of  ‘an imbalance’ – like indigestion, hangover, bloating, diarrhea, allergy, headache and many other digestive disorders.

When we are faced with an imbalance in the chemical realm, we are usually fairly adept at changing things– to restore a state of balance.

You have to listen to what the universe is telling you, but this becomes far more of a challenge in the emotional realm.

This is where creating and maintaining balance becomes far more complex.

This is where the CRUX of this article lies…………

Are you ready?

Creating and maintaining balance in the EMOTIONAL realm.

“Human emotion is the ultimate resource – the ultimate force ‘      

                                                                                    Anthony Robbins

Few of us comprehend the immense power within the emotional realm – the realm which we either fill or drain – every day, every hour, every minute, and every second– via the emotional bucket.

If we play it wrong here – either unwittingly or habitually – we will soon find ourselves in some kind of trouble.

When we drain the human well via the emotional bucket, we are effectively creating fertile ground for the onset of chronic disease. 

 It’s here where most of the chronic diseases take form.

Let’s explore further.

Every day hundreds of human emotions can come into play – positive and negative.

Our human task is to get the balance right, by adhering to the No.1 universal principle of health and life:

“Too much or too little of anything – for too long will create a state of imbalance“

It’s vital to know this, especially when polarized human emotions come into play – in a pandemic.

Here are the most important ones which we all have to keep a very close eye on– as creating any imbalance here can and will create havoc with our health – and our lives.

I will now share esoteric knowledge distilled from extensive research – and hundreds of case studies.

As Mayo Angelou says:

“When we know better, we can do better“                                    

Are you ready?

In the emotional realm there exists what I call ‘THE BIG FIVE’ destructors of health & life, which can indirectly wreck havoc during a sustained pandemic period

Here they are:

 Now you know.

The consequences of ‘too much for too long’ can prove to be devastating on health & life.

When held onto for long periods of time – these potent negative emotions will turn toxic in the human body.

Sometimes they claim lives.

It’s here where our excess death toll is NOW climbing exponentially.

“If you do not empower yourself, someone or something will overpower you” Dr John de Martini


Indeed, if you want to live a healthy and happy life, you must empower yourself.

The good news is that if you get anywhere close to achieving optimum balance in all three of the universal realms of health and life together, you’ll soon find yourself mastering your health – and mastering your life.



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