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When you have some kind of ‘mountain’ to climb. Take heed.

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Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you find yourself with ‘some kind of mountain’ to climb.

In times like these it’s best to take heed of the great champions of life – those that have been there – and know how to conquer a mountain.

Take Lance Armstrong, who won seven Tour de France titles, conquered the Pyrenees on numerous occasions, and most significantly conquered a mountain called ‘cancer’.

In his book “It’s not about the bike” he shared what he called his gift to fellow cancer patients worldwide.

It’s a potent four pronged strategy that can be used to conquer ‘any kind of mountain’ in your life.

Here it is in a condensed form:


Adopting the right mindset is paramount: Victor or Victim?

There can be no middle ground in this choice, as victimhood is the most powerful form of self- sabotage.

One kernel of doubt in a champion’s mind renders the vast power within the human sub- conscious mind meaningless.

A victim mindset will exponentially diminish your chance to conquer anything.

Choose up front to be the VICTOR, no matter what happens on your journey.



Knowledge is power, so the acquiring of the right knowledge becomes critical.

You must ensure that you are coming from a position of strength.

If not you will remain in a ‘fighting the mountain’ mode – coming from a position of weakness with little knowledge and little chance of conquering anything.

There is a fundamental difference here which will dictate your destiny.

Empower yourself via acquiring the right knowledge.

Be aware of fake news and all the commercially driven myths which abound.



Nothing can be more disempowering than having the wrong support close to you.

To conquer you must select your inner team with ultimate care.

They are the ones who will give you the moral support required in challenging times – and they are the ones who will help you acquire the right knowledge.

Choose wisely here as nothing great is ever achieved alone.



Without the right Game Plan you will risk losing hope when it matters most.

The right Game Plan is a high level game plan which aligns your Purpose, your Priorities and your Performance Goals.

#.Purpose is ‘the why’ in your life.

It’s becomes all-powerful when you are facing a mountain to climb.

It’s the difference between being internally inspired or seeking outside motivation.

It can be as simple as George Mallory’s reply as to why he wanted to conquer Everest.

Because it is there

#.Priorities focus your energy on the right things to ensure that no energy gets wasted.


The most important thing I have learnt in life is to FOCUS my energy on what is important in life”            Bill Gates

#.Performance Goals must be closely aligned with Purpose & Priorities.

Congruency is the ultimate key to a high level Game Plan – and conquering all.

There you have it.

A potent four -pronged champion’s model for conquering any kind of mountain in life……..

Go Great


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