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JOOST .Rugby created a super star. Pain was the price he paid.

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 Genius is talent set on fire by courage : Henry Van Dyke




In this week’s newsletter tribute, I look back and share what I  came to personally learn through Joost , in the hope that shared insights can help and inspire others.

Anyone who has done their home work on Motor Neuron Dis-ease ( MND ), will come to realize that there exists a significant statistical link between MND and Sporting Superstars.

In America, MND is referred to as ALS – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis – and even more commonly as Lou Gehrig’s dis-ease, after the untimely death of the New York Yankee first baseman way back in 1941.

Doctors say there is  NO CURE for MND . Or are they merely  looking for answers in the wrong place?

When doctors say there is no cure I believe it’s time to  :

Think Differently

The genius of mainstream medicine lies primarily in the physical and chemical realms of life and health.

Joost travelled the world looking for a  cure . He participated in numerous medical trials, but sadly he found none .

What he did achieve – was to outlive all the doctors timelines .

What can we learn from Joost’s  courageous journey?

When things are not working – one must be prepared to radically change things

I believe the statistical  link to sports stars holds the key to conquering MND .

It’s  sending out a resounding message , but sadly , it’s a message which is being largely ignored.

If  one goes inside the game plans of MND  sporting super stars –  common  lifestyle patterns become  clearly evident.

It’s these common patterns which hold the key .Let’s explore .

There can be no doubting that sporting superstars often find life difficult when their glittering careers come to an abrupt end.

Hailed as heroes throughout their careers , BUT  then it’s all suddenly over .

When they hang up their boots, it’s their sheer sporting genius which leaves them with FRAGILE PERSONAL BRANDS.


It is a question of everybody wants your autograph, your photo, your time… all your life, people looked after you. You got away with everything – Joost van der Westhuizen


Stripped of   ‘the  position in the team ’, ‘the title’,  ‘the power’, ‘the badge ‘,’the cap’ or  ‘the wealth’ –  they find it increasingly difficult to accept their own self -worth without all the :

Fame, adoration, pampering and celebrity status

The ”instant pleasure” which has  long been part and parcel of their lives from an early age, is no longer .

As their  glamour filled sporting lifestyles come to an abrupt end, they are left with a void .

It’s here where one’s game plan for life can easily come crashing down.

For someone who has grown accustomed to ” enjoying instant pleasure’’  – it’s only human to try to offset  the dull pain of life after sport , with some form of instant pleasure .

And often the seeking of this  ‘’instant pleasure’’  comes through  inappropriate means.

For some this might be all fine, but when a disconnect comes into play between one’s inner and outer world, one  unwittingly sets oneself up for health problems .

When one’s actions are not aligned with who one really is, fertile ground is  created for the  onset of a state of dis-ease.

The under lying  human emotion is GUILT , and it  turns toxic .

Having studied hundreds of case studies on emotionally triggered dis-ease – I believe here lies the answer as to what triggers and fuels MND.

MND is a Human Emotional Dis-ease – triggered by long term held  GUILT.

And the only drug which can help , is a drug called :


To conquer MND, one must make significant  LIFE DESIGN changes.Restore LIFE BALANCE .

One must cut off the toxic emotional fuel called GUILT.

Consider this wisdom from Melanie Beattie:

Guilt is a messy and confusing emotion to handle, and it refuses to go away. It lowers one’s self esteem, gnaws away at our sense of strength and alienates us from other people. And sometimes it goes on for years and years. It makes us defensive, it makes us lie, and it drives internal anger, pain, imbalance and human frailty. It closes one down.

In reality, most of us have little or zero awareness of how toxic human emotions can close the human body down

(You can read more on the subject via an article I posted back in 2014)


When I first met Joostie in 2013, he was not in a good space.

Doctors had told him that MND is a terminal dis-ease – and gave him a timeline.

Joost was defiant. He was having nothing of it – saying he would do his level best to beat MND.

Your mind is going to be your illness. Joost van der Westhuizen

I came to learn that Joostie had a heart of gold , a wickedly dry sense of humour , courage, resilience that few of us will ever know , an enduring affection for Nelson Mandela, a great love for his children , and a burning desire to selflessly help others who were facing up to MND .

Courage is grace under pressure   – Ernest Hemingway

Joost made a number of significant changes to his game plan – his life design –  and he went on to make a huge a difference in the lives of so many.

He relentlessly drove MND awareness through his J9 foundation.

He made a MND movie. He participated in numerous MND trials. And he had a vision to open a MND Clinic.

He achieved all that and more .

And importantly,  he rebuilt a wonderfully close relationship  with his kids in his final years.

Joostie,  was lucky to have some very caring, kind and special people around him in his latter years. He deserved that .

Life throws you curve balls – and you have to live . Joost Van der Westhuizen

A self less Joostie always kept up a positive outlook and found an ever increasing special place in the forgiving hearts of all South Africans.

Joost made a lot of things right in his own life  , but sadly he never afforded himself the one gift he most needed – to forgive himself – to rid himself of the guilt – to love himself more .

It’s a learning for all of us .

I put myself thru hell and back in my life. I believe I did it to myself. I entangled my own life. Joost Van der Westhuizen

Joost was built tough. And he remained far too hard on himself –  coupled with an under lying inability to see his own self worth after his rugby days ended .

In reality, nearly all of us have little or zero awareness of how consciously or sub consciously held toxic emotions – such as guilt , resentment , hate , criticism and futility – can play  havoc with our lives and health .

As emotional beings, we live mostly hectic, fast-paced lives and many stressors are often in play.

It’s  these emotional stressors which have become far more toxic to us – than any of the physical or chemical stressors /toxins.

Let’s hope that Joostie’s selfless journey will continue to help and inspire millions of others.

Rugby created superstar . And pain was the price he paid.


God has a legend in his rugby team –   Mark Andrews


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Beware Bokke .Sometimes a special kind of player comes along for the ride .

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 Making something look effortless and easy requires great effort : Mark McCormack







When a player makes his international debut at age 21 , it’s sometimes difficult to judge how well he will fare once the other international players and teams have had time to work him out.

Year two counts most.

But , beware Bokke , the French now have someone special in their squad – and he will be coming along for the ride in June 2017.

This past season, New Zealand’s Beauden Barret received most of the accolades for a great season with the Hurricanes and the All Blacks.

The accolades were richly deserved, but what went somewhat unnoticed was that he was playing most of his rugby behind winning packs and had tons of space to play in – thanks to two truly great scrum halves in Aaron Smith and TJ Perenara

My guess is that is that even these two great scrumhalves will soon be surpassed this year .

The Les Bleus have uncovered some kind of magic in a young Bordeaux scrum half.

AAA BATISTEHis name: Baptiste Serin.

Not much is known about him, but he is an integral part of a French 30-man “elite” list, made of players selected, protected and not allowed to play more than 30 games each year.

It will be wise to watch him closely in this year’s  Six Nations.

It looks like he is set for super stardom – judging by when he came on as a second half substitute versus the All Blacks in November.

His remarkable out-the-back blind pass allowed Louis Picamoles to score the only French try of the game.

And the cool confidence in the way he then converted Picamole’s try with his boot – suggests he has the X-factor.

It looks like he has that Fourie du Preez kind of ability to read, control and change games.

On February 4th, he made his Six Nations debut versus England, and it will be well worth keeping an eye on what he can do – and how far he can go.

Otherwise, we could be in for a surprise with the upcoming incoming three test tour by France .

1o June: Boks vs. France at Loftus

17 June: Boks vs. France in Durban

24 June: Boks vs. France in Johannesburg

The Springboks have faced France on 39 previous occasions, winning 22 Tests and losing 11 with six matches drawn

Let’s hope they take heed of an incoming rugby sensation who looks like he has the prodigious talent to take the Les Bleus to another level

Go Great .

Let the Super RUGGA begin.

Rob Opie is a Brand Expert, Author, Speaker, and Performance Coach to Business Executives, Corporate teams, Sports teams and Individuals.


Find out more about his game -changing ” Growing South Africans Great” breakfast talks in 2017 :

GOOD TO GREAT TO GREATER. Taking it to the next level in 2017.  

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Here’re ELEVEN GAME CHANGERS to power up your game.

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Great is not something one is given in life. Great is something one must take in life.








The Great Champions come from many diverse fields of life, but one of the most compelling is sport.

Sport is transparent,  it speeds it all up , it consumes our emotions , it dramatizes life.

It’s a microcosm of life.

And it provides fertile ground for learning.

 If you want to be the best – you must learn from the best

Indeed human greatness leaves foot prints, but one needs to be cognisant that Talent , Technique , Technology  and Training can only take one so far in sport and in life .

From inside the game plans of some of the great champions of sport, here’re ELEVEN GAME CHANGERS to power up your game –   to help set your game apart.

Seldom spoken about, seldom written about, seldom taught, and seldom coached – they’re what set the great champions apart – taking them to the next level performance , growth and contribution.

Hope you find value below for your very own journey from Good to Great to Greater



aaaaa bbbLionel-Messi







Lionel ”Leo” Messi grew up in a small Argentinean town called Rosario. At age 10 he was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency

Due to the country’s economic collapse at the time, no one, no club could afford to cover his medication. Messi departed for a trial at Barcelona aged just 13.

He was offered a makeshift contract on the back of a paper napkin.

Who would have thought that at 29, standing just 5 foot six inches, he would go on to be regarded by many as the greatest footballer ever.

Disadvantaged in many ways by his short stature, Messi chose to leverage off his lower centre of gravity and focus his energy on his greater agility, his greater balance, his greater speed and his greater ball control.

Messi is the only player that runs faster with the ball than he does without it. Pep Guardiola

The difference?

Lionel ”Leo” Messi, reserved and unassuming, and a somewhat unremarkable man outside of football, proved to most that mind set matters most.

He chose to focus on what he is GIFTED AND GREAT at – and went on to become GREATER.

Focus on what you have – not on what you don’t have










At eighteen years of age, Richie McCaw’s uncle and mentor asked him what he wanted to be.

His reply: AN ALL BLACK.

His uncle’s reply: No Richie you do not want to be an ALL BLACK,

You want to be a GREAT ALL BLACK – now write it down, sign it and put it up.

Richie wrote it down as G.A.B on the back of a Mc Donald’s napkin. Signed it . And put it up in his room.

Putting the prefix GREAT before whatever it is you want to do and achieve in life, powers up your game.

It sets the stretch.

It sets the commitment.

It sets the tone.

Most importantly it creates a high performance culture of great – the way things will get done.

Richie went on to earn a record 148 caps for the All Blacks, lead his country to two World Cup victories – whilst creating and cementing an honor code amongst fellow All Blacks –  which any sporting team would be proud of.

Richie McCaw – an ordinary guy doing extra-ordinary things – a shining example of stepping inside of great.








One question I love to ask my audiences is:

Who’s the greatest sporting superstar of all time?

Answers are mostly subjective according to which sport you love most, but it is the reasoning which I love to hear.

Having studied many of the greatest in different sports, GREAT is defined by 3 S’s:


Great is certainly no one day game, whether it is in sport or life.It’s tough to get to the top and it’s even tougher to stay there.

Many great careers often come crashing down prematurely.

That’s why we marvel at sporting superstars such as Roger Federer who is fast approaching his 100th career title at age 35 . How about 11 times world surfing champion Kelly Slater who  is still competing at the highest level at age 45 .

Kelly lives in an exponential world of abundance where 1+1 =11

How about our very own AB de Villiers  who stands atop of the cricketing world at age 33.

They are just a few of the greatest.

The list goes on and on  – for those who understand what great is . SUCCESS coupled with the SIGNIFICANCE of giving back to others in their stellar careers.

Who do you think  ? Make your own list of greats .

Human Greatness is Success and Significance .Sustained






The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you figure out why. Mark Twain

Great individuals, Great companies all start with ‘the why’ .

Not ‘ the what’’.

Steve Jobs did not start with ‘the what’.

Yes, Apple certainly make great computers.That’s  ‘ the what’ in Apple , but what sets Apple apart is their  relentless focus on ‘their why’ – their burning desire to challenge the status quo :

To think differently

Using this analogy in the sporting environment , there is no doubting that A.B. de Villiers’s is a great cricketer.

That’s ”the what’’ in his life , but what sets him apart as a superstar is his burning desire to keep his focus on ’’the why ”

– to make full use his god given sporting talents:

To Entertain, To Educate, To Enrich the lives of others

He’s inspired to do.

Inspiration comes from starting with ” the why” – not ” the what”.

Living ‘the why ‘’

It’s a lot more than just wanting to play cricket. Sometimes I even  surprise myself  with the shot I play – but that’s more about the crowd  being there . AB de Villiers

Darren Scott recently joked:

I would  get out of a Jacuzzi – with Gwen Stefani –  to watch AB de Villiers bat.

That’s Entertainment . Par excellence AB . Knowing ‘the why ‘ that fills stadiums.


aaaaa Cristiano








Whether we know it or not, every one of us in is SALES (closing the deal) and MARKETING (creating and sustaining relationships) ourselves.

Talent, beauty, strength, intelligence, kindness, wealth, loyalty, humor, power etc are all ways we market and sell ourselves

But, the great champions do more – than just sell and market themselves.

They BRAND themselves.

And they do it extremely well (Branding invokes an emotional response).

Branding sets the great champions apart.

It drives human greatness – acting as one’s compass in good times and one’s scaffolding in challenging times.

It delivers on personal performance, growth and contribution.

Cristiano Ronaldo has built a great PERSONAL BRAND, leveraging off all three all three of the potent P’s of personal branding, namely:

PURPOSE: Knowing THE WHY in your life – knowing why you were put here on earth
PRIORITIES: Knowing what’s is truly important in your life
PERFORMANCE GOALS: Knowing what you want to achieve in life

It’s the close alignment of these three potent P’s, which creates champions.

And delivers on human greatness.

In sync .

Cristiano Ronaldo’s outer and inner personas can be likened to an orchestra – and it’s not that just some of the orchestra’s players are virtuosos; a lot of them are .How they interact makes Ronaldo what he is. There is a confluence in his brain, his thinking, his person, his world. He holds all the aces.


Jack Palance City Slickers

If you chase two rabbits – you will not catch either one – Russian Proverb

Here’s a short extract from the movie City Slickers :

Curly :What’s the secret to life?
Mitch : No ,What ?
Curly : This ( He holds up his one finger )
Mitch : Your finger ?
Curly : The One Thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and everything else doesn’t mean sh*t !”
Mitch : That’s Great , but what is the one thing?
Curly : That’s what you have got to figure out .

Personally, I’m a big fan of Gary Keller’s version of “The Secret to Life,” which he reveals in his book

The One Thing: the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results.

He believes “The One Thing” is the best approach to getting what one really wants in life.

In order to get more, one must have less on one’s plate.

Focus, Focus and Focus more

Success begets success when one narrows one’s concentration to one thing.

Sporting Champions are often blessed with multiple sporting talents and  skills , but they all make a choice.

It’s The One Thing – which they can be greater at .












Seldom taught, seldom spoken about by coaches, integrity plays a major role in winning.

Blitzbok sevens coach, Neil Powell candidly spoke out about it:

Integrity is doing the right thing – when nobody is watching.

He’s got it spot on .

And he has expertly leveraged off it- to build a potent  ”Honor Code” within the Blitzbok camp.

Yet, sometimes even the greatest of the great – get it humanly wrong on this count.

Take Lance Armstrong. Take Tiger Woods and many others who chose to cheat in either their professional or personal lives.

Only for their glittering careers to come crashing down

In reality, no one cheats on an opponent. You can only cheat on yourself – robbing yourself of the potent cocktail which makes champions  – and determines sustained winning : F.C.B


Faith ,Confidence and Belief  in oneself – to deliver  – without crossing the line .

Without FCB , sporting careers can begin to unravel at an alarming pace .

It’s the same in real life .

Integrity must be the foundation of all competitiveness.

It’s the foundation of human greatness.

80% of getting what you want is believing and acting  as if you are worthy. The other 20 % is learning and acquiring the proper mechanics ,knowledge ,actions and details to make it a reality : Corey Wayne.










The Tour de France is no easy race. The modern editions of the tour consist of 21 gruelling stages over a 23-day period and cover around 3,500 kilometers.

And they say there are days at the Tour de France when one would consider swapping non-vital organs for a bit of shade.

One thing is for sure – it’s 21 days of intense competition where the champion riders, dogged by constant scrutiny and continuing doping allegations, seek to find and apply leverage in many different legal formats.

Leverage defined as the ability to do more – with less.

One of these forms of leverage is the Peloton (from French, meaning little ball or platoon). The purpose of the Peloton is to do more with less – hence creating an:

Elastic Band Effect .

It’s all about the team – alignment and synchronicity creates the magical multiplier.

By riding close to other riders (drafting, slipstreaming and particularly behind), the reduction in drag is dramatic :

Up to 40 % say sports scientists.

As in life the riders encounter head winds , cross winds ,tail winds and most recently in The Cape Argus – gale force winds.

The Peloton mimics strategies and tactics used in real life situations – and having to adapt to constant change.

All types of team dynamics come into play as teams seek to create competitive advantage and deliver their lead rider to the bottom of the first big Pyrenean climbing stage  :

 fresher than any rivals – and with the opportunity to let loose

Teams like the All Blacks , who operate and  “play in a peloton” , will come at you  fresher – with up to  40% in their reserve energy tank.

It’s a game changer.











Teams are built on :

Focus and Trust.

It’s what allows for  teams to go ‘’ high risk hunting’’ – and play at another level .

Londelozi Lion expert Ian Thomas tells a story of how a 200 kg lioness can  take down a 900 kg buffalo – trusting and knowing that the support will be there .

Focus and trust allows for the lionesses to take down any opponent.

No one lioness will be seen “hunting warthogs “simultaneously. They go in united .

Trusting and knowing that the support is always there – it allows for high risk hunting.

And they get handsomely rewarded.

In sport, we have great examples – The All Blacks get it  right . The Lions Rugby team are becoming expert .

And our Blitzbokke.

Teams that foster a culture of ‘Focus and Trust’  are enabled and empowered  to play at a far  higher level.

High Risk Hunting comes from knowing that someone has got your back .









This is an interesting and insightful one –  as it’s becoming more and more common to find sporting  super stars who at some stage in their careers just feel:


Indeed , there exists a fine line between human greatness and human implosion ( Called BURN OUT in sport )

Often the loss of one’s health ( or facing up to constant injuries ) is the price that is paid when one pushes the human limits too far. Or reads the game wrong .

Here’s some of the most invaluable insight on health and happiness –  which I have uncovered to date .

Surprisingly, it did not come from the medical fraternity. It came from a sporting legend –one of Great Britain’s greatest ever middle distance athletes:

We all have a finite amount of energy. Whether you use physical or mental energy it all comes from the same source. Wherever you focus your energy you’re either filling or depleting the same well – Sir Sebastian Coe

It follows that it’s our job to make sure that one’s human energy well never runs dry.

Here’s some  game changing opinion to consider :

The human well, wellness, or well-being has three buckets, each one equally important – namely physical, chemical and emotional buckets. Physical, is what we do with our bodies. Chemical is what we put in our mouths, and emotional is what we put in our hearts and heads.

Thankfully the genius of modern medical science has made us all pretty adept at how to fill our human energy well from the physical and chemical buckets. We know how much sleep and rest we need. We know how much exercise we need. We know which foods agree with us, and those which do not.

Our bodies even have wonderful feedback mechanisms to help keep us balanced in the physical and chemical realms of life and health. We know what to take in.

But, it’s never that simple in the emotional realm.

Surprising very few people grasp how our emotions can turn toxic. Negative emotions ‘taken in’ and harbored long term will create havoc .

Often this is where human implosion, or BURN OUT  happens. Unwittingly or habitually, we continue to drain the human energy well from the emotional bucket, creating an on-going state of imbalance. A tipping point is eventually reached and breached – and the human energy well runs dry.

The body moves from a state- of- ease to a state of dis-ease : BURN OUT.

Here are a few valuable pointers to keep one’s human energy well filled to the brim – and yourself on the road of ease, as opposed to the road of dis-ease.

To fill up the human energy well using the emotional bucket – one should focus one’s life on the ‘Big Five’ positive emotions, namely:

Unconditional Love , Gratitude, Acceptance, Forgiveness and Joy

They Energize! They’re life’s greatest healers.

And be sure to steer well clear of life’s Big Five ‘negative emotions’ – namely:

Resentment, Guilt, Criticism, Hate and Futility ( Self Pity )

They Drain. And if held long term, they turn toxic – and become life’s greatest  destroyers.

Ultimately, it’s a human choice as to how one manages one’s human energy well on one’s journey through life.

Balance your health  , investing with all three buckets that fill the human well .










Even the greatest of the great sometimes get it humanly wrong – when they :

Chase the game

Chasing the game means chasing the result .

But , as any wise coach will tell you , greatness does not come from focussing on the result – greatness comes from keeping one’s focus on the process .

Live in the moment .Live the journey

Sadly golf has lost one of its greatest players in Tiger Woods- currently ranked 780 . Tiger chased the game – becoming obsessed with chasing down  Jack Nicklaus’s 18 major victories –  wanting to dominate . He burnt himself out .

If only , Tiger Woods realised that his game – his god given gift is  :  To Entertain , to  Educate and  to Enrich lives ( as in Game Changer Four ) .

If he could turn off the self- inflicted pressure valve , I believe he could still win more majors .He is that good .

That’s the final potent  message from our sporting greats .

Don’t chase the game. Live the journey

Live. Love. Learn. Leverage and Laugh



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LESSONS FROM SHARKS. And a story of inspiration to wrap up the week.

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 Because it does not matter what you do, it matters why you do it: Simon Sinek





This week I was privileged to spend time with THE CELL C SHARKS rugby franchise, teaming up with Patrick Lambie and Robert du Preez to answer questions live on stage at John Allan’s: THE LOCKER ROOM.

Here’s some of the inspired stuff we spoke about:


Robert du Preez shared how the pre- season training had gone well in a hot and humid Durban. He also shared some of the goals which the team had set for themselves  in 2017.

That’s ‘’the what’’ in THE SHARKS game plan, but it’s ”THE WHY” which will take them to the next level in 2017 .

At 26 ,Patrick Lambie is a quietly spoken guy, but a leader who knows what it’s about.

Entertaining, Educating and Enriching

That’s ‘THE WHY’  behind all the great sporting super stars.

We all love to participate and play sport, but few of us have the sporting talent, technique and training to go on – and fill the stadium seats.

Sporting superstars and sports teams who place their primary focus on ‘The Why ‘’, go on to enjoy themselves more  and guess what –  their careers flourish  –   and winning happens more  .

It starts with WHY – we saw that with the Lions rugby team in 2016.

The difference ?

Their primary focus was on THE WHY – not on  THE WHAT


The Super 16 presents a long hard bumpy road – especially for those teams who find themselves travelling across continent in the final stages.

It’s important to LIVE THE JOURNEY, not chase the game – chase the result.

Sustained Success and Significance is achieved by focusing in the process, not the result. Enjoy it

And that comes back to ‘’THE WHY’’

Teams who place their primary focus on ‘’ chasing the result’’ – the win – often forget how to enjoy themselves – and that often leads to a road called burn out.

Last year the Lions played a fantastic brand of rugby up until a certain point, then their game plan suddenly changed –taking a second string team to Argentina . They lost, falling into the common trap of chasing the result – looking ahead at the finals.

It’s called chasing the game.

Rather choose to live the journey – every step of the way.


Gary Teichman who played an integral role in building THE SHARKS BRAND back in the 90’s , is now back at the helm as CEO of The Sharks .

He’s a great leader who has plenty of experience on how to bring teams together in unity and purpose – leveraging the inherent power of branding.

Durban has become the sporting and events capital of South Africa – and it’s THE SHARKS brand which has a vital role to play going forward.

Branding is the magical multiplier which takes performance to the next level

After Locker room talk on Tuesday, something else happened that gave me a huge inspirational boost.

AAA STARTOne of South Africa’s great businessmen came up to me and quietly suggested I get hold of the book pictured alongside. I thanked him and told him I would definitely read it.

On Thursday’s  red eye flight to Cape Town, there was the same gentleman again – coming up to me at King Shaka international – with the book in his hand

He had seen me come through the check points ,  quickly popped into Exclusive books and then tracked me down in the airport  – to personally hand me the book. .

A small defining moment, which quietly reminded me of  what ”Good to Great to Greater” looks like.

Thank you Allan Hirsch.

We live in a great country with some truly great people.


Rob Opie is a Brand Expert, Author, Speaker, and Performance Coach to Business Executives, Corporate teams, Sports teams and Individuals.


Find out more about his game -changing ” Growing South Africans Great” breakfast talks in 2017 :

GOOD TO GREAT TO GREATER. Taking it to the next level in 2017.  

And here’s some more Insight, Innovation and Inspiration for Mahala :

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 40027-61968 Cell C Logos.inddThanks to Cell C , Rob’s latest book: The Game Changers: Good to Great to Greater is available FREE to readers as an instant digital download on his home page at  : THE GAME PLAN