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I got screwed. It sucks. It hurts.

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I got screwed. It sucks. It hurts :  Daniel Ricciardo on losing out in Monaco  






Some of the most compelling life lessons come from the field of our sporting champions.

Sport consumes our human emotions.

It dramatises life.

It speeds up learning.

It speeds up winning and losing – the successes and failures. The successes are instant, the failures dramatic. And the successes and the failures are transparent for all to see.

On and off the field of play, the frenetic and accelerating pace of our information and social media-driven era, places our sporting champions on a knifes edge .

Sport is a microcosm of life, and it’s no different in the business.

Consider these words of wisdom given to Jack Welch early in his life:

You punk. You should not be playing the game if you do not know how to lose.

Daniel Ricciardo drew the short straw in Monaco.

But, his public outburst, in openly criticising his own team in the public domain, can only have undermined team morale.

We are all human. We all make human mistakes. And in sport the wheel turns fast.

Sport teaches that. And it often humbles us.

It’s the great champions who choose to

 Turn adversity to advantage.

Not dis- advantage.

They turn despair to determination.

Hopefully, Australian Daniel Ricciardo who ‘s often referred to as ‘The Honey Badger” and  competes in a sport which tests every human emotion  – can take heed.




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Good to Great to Greater. Taking it to The Next Level

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Great is not something one is given in life . Great is something one must take in life




Love him or hate him, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is gaining momentum.

His campaign slogan : ”Make America Great again’’ – speaks to Americans .


He’s the embodiment of the American dream, having built his empire from nothing and failed many times, and gone on to achieve greatness – Sylvester Chauke: DNA Brand Architects.


Many people look to leaders like Donald Trump believing that failure teaches us many of life lessons

It’s a road to great which embraces :  ‘’ The School of Hard Knocks ‘’

And it’s a school that has become pretty popular in today’s modern world.

But, there exists an even more effective , more efficient and easier way  from Good to Great to Greater .


The Way of the Great Champions

It’s a road that can knock years off one’s learning curve – simply by taking heed of the collective wisdom of the great champions who have gone before:

What they know, what they do, and what they do not do –  to achieve great.

In my latest series of talks I explore human greatness – distilling  and packaging the game – changing  strategies and tactics of the great champions of business and sport .

How do they go on to achieve human greatness – defined as Sustained Success and Significance.:

GOOD to GREAT to GREATER. Taking it to The Next Level .

The talk takes you ‘ inside the game plans ‘of the Great Champions of Business, Sport and Life – sharing  case studies , stories and anecdotes, including potent game changers , which will inspire and help your team to reach the next level of great :

What the great champions know, but coaches seldom teach!

It’s the stuff that you cannot Google, the stuff you will not find on the Internet, and the stuff they do not teach you at Harvard!

Invest in your team . Ignite your team .

If you would like me to share all these professional and personal Insights, Innovation and Inspiration from the Great Champions – with your team –  please contact  myself at

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To find out more about THE GAME PLAN , please visit our  PRODUCTS and SERVICES  – they are  all game- changers designed and developed to take your team to the next level of great.



Rob Opie is a Brand Strategist, Key Note Speaker, Author and  ‘ Performance Coach’ to corporate teams , organizational teams, sports teams and individuals


Personal branding. The key ingredient of human greatness.

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Very few people get anything like their potential horsepower translated into their actual horsepower. Warren Buffet




Warren Buffet has got it spot on.

Potential exceeds realisation for most people, and Buffett believes that less than 5% of people realise anywhere near their full potential in life.

One of the primary reasons why people fail to unlock and unleash their full potential in life is that they pay scant attention to personal branding.

They either don’t see the reason as to why they must invest –or they do not know how to do it:

 My advice. Invest in yourself – Warren Buffett 

It’s human smart to invest wisely in personal branding, as it has a magical multiplier effect.

Get it right and HUMAN GREATNESS – defined as Sustained Success and Significance – awaits.

But, get it wrong and the road to human implosion opens up wide. And make no mistake even the very best of the best can and do get wrong at times.

One’s personal brand acts as one’s compass in good times – and ones scaffolding in bad times.

Here are the key personal  branding  insights from the great champions business, sport and life.

Here’s how they see it  :

Personal branding has three powerful P’s.

And they have a potent ice- berg effect.



What people see above the water is PERFORMANCE.

But, what people do not see below the water, are the two P’s that ignite human greatness :



At the base of the ice-berg lies PURPOSE.

When one’s passion meets the universe’s needs, one finds one’s higher purpose in life.

The two most important days in your life – are the day you are born and the day you figure out why – Mark Twain


And when passion is translated into purpose and someone shares the one thing that they are expert in  – themselves and their experiences – great vision and great value gets imparted.

Try to articulate your purpose in as few words as possible.

Here’s an example for cricketer A.B de Villiers, who continues to amaze the cricketing world with his cricketing genius:

To Entertain, Educate and Enrich people’s lives

They say that when one does what one loves, one never has to work another day in one’s life.

For A.B de Villiers it means so much more than just playing the game of cricket.


Closer to the surface and at the heart of the ice- berg lies PRIORTIES.


The most important thing I have learnt in life is to focus my energy on what is important in life – Bill Gates

Identifying and articulating what is important in your life is possibly the most important thing you will ever do.

That’s because one’s outer world will always be a reflection of one’s inner world.

If you ask most people to articulate the important things in their life – they will struggle.

Most people cannot list their top five priorities in life. And it’s little wonder that their energy is focused on things of  lesser importance.

Tell me your top five priorities in life – and I tell you were you are headed.

It is because we are all different that we are special, but definite and common priority patterns of human greatness do come into play.

Having explored and modeled what the great champions of life do and do not do, here are the key ingredients of a game plan that is made of the right stuff.

Priority # One: BRAND YOU. Place yourself first

Consider this inspired wisdom:

 The Great Champions of life recognize that self -interest is central to one’s human make up, but count the greatest gain as the goodwill of fellow humankind  Bob Bulford


There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living – Nelson Mandela

Placing yourself at No.1 is a hallmark of every great champion.

It builds FCB: Faith, Confidence and Belief – and ultimately allows one to make that significant difference in the lives of others.

Priority # Two: HIGHER PURPOSE

You are not here to merely make a living. You are here to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision,with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand.   – Woodrow Wilson

Priority # Three: FAMILY AND FRIENDS

Most people will naturally place this one at the very top of their priority list, but they are missing the key point in the game of life.

Of course,  they are of utmost importance , but wisdom tells us that one can only truly look after the best interests of others,  when one first and foremost builds oneself strong.

Priority # Four: HEALTH AND WEALTH

Invest wisely here, as both of these can easily be scuffed or lost.

Priority # Five: LIFESTYLE

Every one of us is different in the choice of our desired lifestyles, but it’s important to invest in the things  which make you happy and healthy.

And don’t take for granted the things closet to your heart.

The final ‘P’ is Performance:

Simplicity is the ultimate form of Sophistication – Leonardo da Vinci

 Setting goals that are closely aligned to your purpose and priorities will ensure focus.

Don’t set goals by what other people deem important.

Only you know what is best for you

Authenticity, Simplicity and Synchronicity count.

Ultimately it’s personal branding which creates the inner magic – which ignites the outer magic.

Richard Branson sums it up best:

Branding is Everything




Rob Opie is a Brand Strategist, Key Note Speaker, Author and aka ‘The Brand Coach’ to corporate teams,organizational teams, sports teams and individuals.

Growing South Africans Great

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”Average is not where I want to be.” 

Kelly Slater: 11 times World Surfing Champion




One of the most rewarding parts of what I do, is that I get the opportunity to talk to South Africa’s future leaders.

Cell C’s Jose Dos Santos and Doug Mattheus have kindly sponsored a visionary initiative themed : Growing South Africans Great. Its primary focus is to give back via sharing game- changing Insights, Innovation and Inspiration through a series of school talks.

Recently I travelled to an icy Balgowan valley to do an evening talk at Michaelhouse.

Wow, we are truly blessed to have so many great schools in our country.

It was not so much the majestic Balgowan Valley , the magnificence of the Michaelhouse grounds and the stories of old boys like Patrick Lambie often returning to the school to give back, which impressed me most – but it was their holding true to the purpose set by their founder James Cameron Todd over 100 years ago :


Our aim is to make, not accountants, not clerks, not clergymen, but men; men of understanding, thought and culture.

We now live in the most technologically advanced society that mankind has ever known, but thankfully my short visit to Michaelhouse reminded me of that well known saying :


The more things change, the more they stay the same : Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr


Talent, Technique, and Technology can only take one so far.

Ultimately, Sustained Success and Significance is determined and driven by what’s instilled in one’s head and heart from an early age.

A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination- Nelson Mandela

Great schools like Michaelhouse, and so many others in South Africa, are making that difference to our future.

It was a pleasure to visit the Balgowan valley to experience the ethos, the enthusiasm and pure positive energy at Michaelhouse.

Indeed, our future is in good hands.

If you would like to know what the basis of my talk was, please download my updated 2016 version of

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Rob Opie is a Brand Strategist, Key Note Speaker, Author and aka ‘The Brand Coach ’to organizational teams and individuals