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Brand South Africa .Never fight a rip tide

Posted on: March 28th, 2016 by Rob Opie No Comments

Never fight a rip tide: Shaun Tomson


As thousands and thousands of South Africans flocked to their Easter holiday and festival destinations this past weekend, spare a thought for those directly caught in South Africa’s ‘rip tide’ – the poor.

The recent drought and some very poor decision making at the highest levels of government has left the poor reeling in a rip tide of escalating commodity food prices – the very food they rely on to ’ fill their stomachs and carry on ‘ .

It’s at times like these that we can learn from the most unlikely of sources.

Those spending their holidays on the KZN Coast may have experienced what is termed a rip tide – a powerful current of water that sweeps even the strongest swimmer out to sea. The obvious thing to do is to fight against the rip tide. But, by trying to swim directly against it, one quickly gets into trouble – exhaustion and panic results.

It simply cannot be done. And people often drown.

Surfers on the other hand –  love the rip tides. They use them like ‘’ conveyer belts ‘’ to get to where they want to be – far faster

They ride them. And they exit them at the right time – and the right place. They read the ocean – they read the game right.

They expertly position themselves to ride the next wave.

Are we doing likewise as South Africans?


Many South Africans are choosing to fight the current rip tide – and to personally attack President Jacob Zuma.

We need to take heed.

Nenegate was the start of a rip tide – a positive one in that it resulted in the right Finance Minister arriving in the right place far faster.

President Jacob Zuma is now acutely aware that his continued position at the helm of Brand South Africa is hurting the country – and most of all the very people who voted him into power.

The devastating drought, and intensifying devaluation of the rand, has accelerated ‘’the rip tide” – with millions now unable to afford their daily fill.

Instead of fighting a rip tide, South Africans should allow President Jacob Zuma to step aside honourably.

This is the one and only move which will hastily return the rand to fair value at R12 /R13 to the dollar – and arrest the exponential food inflation which is now threatening the plight of millions .

President Jacob Zuma can still add great value by fostering and building relations in Africa, but now is the time to allow the right leader – the right  President– to foster the right mindset of all South Africans.

And to re- open Brand South Africa for business

We live in a country where our greatest challenges have always presented us with our greatest opportunities.

With the Nigerian  economy likely to struggle with the continued low oil prices and it’s continued lack of diversification– it presents Brand South Africa with the opportunity to do the exact opposite and become the powerhouse of Africa again – the powerhouse in terms of growth , performance and contribution.

Thank you President Jacob Zuma.

Please allow us to collectively exit the rip tide.

It’s time. Time to catch the next business wave.

Time to re- ignite Brand South Africa.

Opportunity beckons .



Rob Opie is a Brand Strategist, Key Note Speaker, Author and ‘The Brand Coach ’to organizational teams and individuals