Why Ivermectin will never see the light of day.

17 July 2024, Wednesday

Ivermectin stands little chance of broader usage in the fight against Covid.

Why ?

Here’s an extract from WAR DOGS – a 2016 American film directed by Todd Phillips.

The film follows two international arms dealers who receive a government contract to supply weapons for U.S. troops in Afghanistan worth approximately $300 million.


“What do you know about war?

They’ll tell you it is about patriotism, democracy, or some sh_t about the other guy who hates our freedom.

But you want to know what it is really about?

What do you see?

A kid from Arkansas doing his patriotic duty to defend his country.

I see a helmet. Fire retardant gloves, body armour, and a M16…

I see $17500

That is what it costs to outfit one American soldier.

Over 2 million soldiers fought in Iraq & Afghanistan

It costs the American tax payer 4, 5 Billion dollars each yearjust to pay the air conditioning bills for the wars

And that is what war is really about.


Anybody who tells you otherwise is either in it – or stupid.

But, I did not know that yet.

Back then, I did not know anything.  


Arms manufacturing companies will never vote for peace.

Why would they, as turkeys certainly do not vote for Xmas – do they?

Likewise the medical and pharmaceutical companies would never vote for a long time generic drug (established 1987) – one called Ivermectin – one which is well out of its 20 year medical patent.

It will make them little or no money.

They will use all their scientific & medical force to argue against Ivermectin usage, as they see :

no economy in Ivermectin.

On the other hand they see billions in government contracts coming from the new patented COVID-19 vaccines.


Same goes when it comes to another one of our greatest worldwide challenges, namely cancer.

In my two decades of researching and helping cancer patients to conquer cancer, we find the very same ‘economy in play’.

When United States President Richard Nixon signed the National Cancer Act into effect in 1971, most Americans – and the rest of the world –believed that if America could put a man on the moon, the war against cancer would soon be over.

Fifty years on and rogue cancer cells continue to cause death, destroy lives and devastate families. Every day in the US alone, more than 1500 people succumb to the disease.

The war against cancer will go on.

That’s because cancer is an economy – one that must  be kept alive – making billions for those who are  in it –   those supplying the three symptomatic treatments, namely surgery , chemotherapy and radiation.

Unfortunately, there is little or no money to be made from the most powerful and proven ‘anti-cancer drug’ – one called


Those who conquer cancer are those who take time out to restore life balance, becoming more centred on what Dr. John de Martini calls the four pillars of one’s physiology and health:

‘Gratitude, Love, Certainty and Presence’.


In the same way, COVID-19 was first asking us, and is now compelling us, to restore balance to our universe – to stop doing the crazy things we did before Covid.

Covid 19 has effectively put our universe into an ‘induced coma’.

It has forced us all to make changes to the way we think – the way we do things.

Robin Sharma summed it up best:

‘We are being asked by the world to shift from human doings to human beings again.’

Once we have succeeded in restoring universal balance, the Covid waves will recede.

The world will then be a more balanced and better place.

That’s if the world takes heed.

Go Well.


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