Tiger Woods. Some find it in the faces of their children……

28 May 2024, Tuesday





‘Some find it in the faces of their children,  who can deny the joy it brings, when you found that special thing – you’re flying without wings’ : Westlife

Simply incredible Tiger.

Some might even call it the biggest come back since the Apollo 13.

In a long dark tunnel for 11 years, Tiger has been sorely missed by a golfing world struggling to find its new super-stars – characters to move the game forward.

But now that he’s back, what should Tiger do to send his Major tally way beyond Jack Nicklaus‘s record 18 wins.

Everybody knows Tiger’s sheer playing genius.

A quick reality check reveals that his problems have never been with his playing ability or his injuries, but rather with the way he chooses to do life.

When Tiger dominated golf for more than a decade it was because of his dad.

Earl Woods served two combat tours during the Vietnam War, one with the elite US Army Special Forces.

He was Tiger’s inspiration, his supreme tactician and his sole confidante.

He was Tiger’s ‘why’

But on that fateful day in May 2006 when Tiger lost his dad, his life began to unravel with no real ‘why’ in his life.

Only last year it changed again.

Tiger had a new found ‘why’.

My kids have only ever seen me win on YouTube : Tiger Woods in 2018

His kids became his inspiration – his ‘why’ – his purpose in life.

In Tiger’s own words it has now come full circle.

He is now : ‘THE DAD’.

Tiger’s heartfelt why has delivered his 15th Major win , but for Tiger at age 43 to go on to become the greatest golfer who ever played game he will have to do more ……..

Tiger needs a rethink.

He needs to know what it takes to be the greatest golfer to have ever played the game – great defined as Success and Significance Sustained.

In real life, Tiger’s new found ‘why’ is not a real why?

It will not take him past Jack Nicklaus’s record 18 majors.

Consider what Simon Sinek shares in his brilliant new book: Find your WHY.

Family inspire great love and commitment and most of us want very much to care for our partner, spouse or children , but one’s WHY is who we are wherever we are – not just at home . The bottom line is your family is NOT YOUR WHY.

Tiger needs to think bigger.

Think like Jack Nicklaus – as great is more than just winning.

Great champions do more.

Tiger’s why, like Jack’s always was, should read:

to Entertain, to Educate, and to Enrich lives – through his god given sporting genius

When one chooses to focus one’s finite energy on one’s true ‘why’ – winning becomes far easier – and sustainable.

At the Masters we saw it coming through when Tiger reached out to touch the hands of kids while playing on Saturday, but on Sunday it was the ‘old’ Tiger again – one who likes to stack the pressure on himself.

By the time he reached the 18th, his approach shot leading to a scrambled bogey five, revealed how close he was to ‘burn out ‘.

But Tiger deserves all the accolades. He pulled it off – he won – and his win means that the golfing world is once again alight with millions of new worldwide fans.

Indeed Tiger is THE GAME CHANGER of all time.

Television audiences’ sky rocketing worldwide.

He’s simply great for the game.

Let’s hope he can now take it to that next level.

Well done Tiger.

An inspirational comeback story at its very best………..

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