The Covid tunnel has many blind rises – drive safely buddy.

30 May 2024, Thursday

They say a dentist cannot fill his – or her own teeth.

That is true.

The same is true in the professional and personal coaching game.

This week I had the pleasure to spend an hour with a professional life coach – and there can probably be no better time than the end of month #1 of 2022.

What came out of that hour was :

“the importance of your purpose in life “

and how Covid has significantly, and often unknowingly, taxed our own purposes in life.

The key here is that when purpose diminishes in life – so does inspiration and motivation.

An energy trap to wisely avoid at all cost.

That is why you hear people – even those of us who have somehow managed to escape coming down with Covid – experiencing extreme fatigue at times.

“You gotta guard the door.”

If that door is left unguarded – you can at some point in the tunnel find yourself ‘unwittingly or habitually ‘ exposing yourself to what we refer to in coaching:  “AS DOING TOO MANY OF THE WRONG THINGS “ – aka the path called burn out.

In sport it is often a case of feeling mentally exhausted and not having the energy left to “ENTERTAIN, EDUCATE & ENRICH MORE fans“ for a while – with too much of the ‘wrong things‘ impacting for too long during the pandemic mess.

A few International and SA sporting greats have recently trodden – or tested these covid tunnel curves.

Some may call it too much time.

Some may call it politics, some may call it bio-bubbles, others have far harsher words to share.

Covid gifted us with abundant time to reflect – whether it be at home – or in sporting bio- bubbles.

Robin Sharma was asked what his thoughts where on Covid in the early days in 2020.

He summed it up wisely:

We are being asked by the world to shift from human doings to human beings again.

Uncertainty impacted on our world .

Now, we are seeing more asks coming our way.

The world asking us to ensure that one’s purpose remains intact – knowing exactly what it is that fills your own human energy well daily – physical, chemical and emotion.

Knowing that you are making a difference counts BIG.

And to show that you care for fellow humankind – which after all is said and done – is the greatest gain of the great champions of life.

Mark Zuckerberg shared the following wisdom in a commencement address at Harvard:

“Purpose is that sense that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, that we are needed, that we have something better ahead to work for.”

In his address, he related one of his favourite stories of when John F Kennedy visited the NASA space centre. JFK saw a janitor carrying a broom and he walked over and asked what he was doing. The janitor responded:

“Mr. President, I’m helping to put a man on the moon.”

 √ Purpose is about seeing the bigger picture in your life.

√ Purpose involves putting “the why” before “the” what in your life.

√ Purpose drives sustainable performance towards targeted objectives and outcomes

 √ Purpose inspires you to do more.

When navigating your way out the tunnel – it’s PURPOSE THAT COUNTS MOST – drive safely guys.

Grab opportunities to get back to team building, team conferencing……… and corporate spanbou

That is why an event like the – the third BizNews Conference in the Drakensberg is ‘officially’ sold out. BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS WITH MORE CHALETS NOW BECOMING AVAILABLE.

Conferences will play such a vital role in getting us safely out the COVID TUNNEL. #STRONGERTOGETHER

The perfect time to take time out to relax a bit , reflect and refine on what really drives YOU in life – making you healthy & happy.

It is called YOUR PURPOSE.

An opportunity to do life better.





It is inherent to the human condition that we bond

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