Sunny skies are back for South Africa’s Sport and Entertainment business sectors.

13 April 2024, Saturday

Sport is all powerful in how it facilitates human interaction.

What a  special treat  it was to see  Loftus  Versveld  packed to the  rafters –  as  was the classic weather at a packed out Hollywoodbets  Durban  July.

The Springboks faced Wales at Loftus Versveld in front of 52 000 fans on Saturday as the “sold out” signs went up at the ground as early as Tuesday afternoon.

Sunny skies are indeed back for businesses that were ravaged by unrelenting and severe government imposed Covid restrictions.

The pandemic hit sport hard in many ways and denied an industry from filling seats – or supporting depleted coffers.

‘Playing behind closed doors’ has gone now.

There was an  overwhelming  measure of  comfort this  past week as the  government did  away with its  50 % stadium capacity ruling which had  been in place – and removing the need for mandatory masks.

And it was not only the people directly involved in rugby who smiled brightly – so did the small independent businesses who feed off the bigger games.

Suddenly things turned viable once again.

Let’s take a quick look at three clear positives – you can bet that there are many more.

  • At the top of the list must  be how the players  who have been forced to  play in empty stadiums i.e./ British Lions tour, have given IT their all , while also  having the additional pressure of increased performance  analysis via  increased television focus. But, no immediate reward comes for putting their bodies on the line in deathly quiet stadiums. No one will ever quite understand why rugby players throw their bodies, but a lot must have to do with those 50 000 odd fans in the stadiums – who lap it all up and want more and more. The psychological impact of COVID ON THE GAME is huge and so far unmeasured by any studies and /or surveys.
  • Our sports teams play a massive role in building UNITY, call it camaraderie, or just call it “GEES” .This element has been largely missing for two years now. “Human beings need human interaction to deliver, contribute and  prosper in life.”: Sport is  all powerful in how it facilitates human interaction
  • Sports like rugby have become an economy, just like any war is an actual economy- so many people base their economic lives – thriving or surviving on ‘the war’. The rugby game must go on with max capacity allowed – to support all the independents operators- those that sell the small things, from ice creams to biltong. The  ‘boerewors show’ must go on

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The “BOEREWORS SHOW“ must go on and on.

Full stadiums inspire hope for all South Africans .

What a great weekend of back to normality.

Masks off, smiles on.

Go Great




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