South Africa’s alarming ‘excess deaths’ toll explained. Take heed.

28 November 2023, Tuesday

Excess deaths measure the total number of fatalities from natural causes compared with the expected death rate in a “normal” year.

According to the latest data released by the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC), excess deaths during the pandemic have reached 137 731. Of these, approximately 47000 deaths have been directly attributed to Covid-19 to date.

What then is further driving this sky rocketing excess death toll?

Given that road fatalities are significantly down due to the ‘stay home’ strategies and lengthy alcohol bans, there must be another factor coming strongly into play.

Given the length of the pandemic, we know that societal anxiety levels are at an extreme high, so most people would argue that ‘STRESS’ is playing a massive role.

But, STRESS is both a good and a bad thing.

One needs to take a closer look at what ‘BAD STRESS’ actually is – and understand how to avoid it.

‘BAD STRESS’ often finds its bedrock in ‘toxic’ emotional stress.  

Increased and intensified levels of polarized emotions – both good and bad – come more and more into play as a pandemic prolongs.

Here are two such examples of polarized emotions.

  • You may ‘LOVE’ your country, but you ‘HATE’ what’s going on in your country.
  • You may ‘LOVE’ the game of cricket, but you ‘HATE’ what’s going on in the Cricket SA boardrooms.

The same polarized emotions may also be in play in your professional or personal life, especially when one is dealing with some kind of personal loss due to the pandemic.

It’s never easy as a pandemic exacerbates things in life – and in health.

We therefore need to vigilantly stand guard to the door – by not allowing any form of ‘toxic’ emotions, such as hate, to come into play.

Be aware that toxic emotions held long term can take your health – even your life.

Here are the BIG THREE ‘toxic emotional killers’ which are the primary reason standing  behind the sky rocketing ‘excess deaths ‘in South Africa – and around the globe.

  • Long term held HATE is the cause of HEART ATTACK – by constricting the flow of blood, love and joy.
  •  Long term held RESENTMENT is the cause of CANCER – by sending the human cell formation process into festering disarray. 
  • Long term held FUTILITY is the cause of DEPRESSION & ADDICTION – by diminishing the purpose/meaning of life.     

For more than two decades I have researched and studied the impact of one’s psychology on one’s physiology, and this is what I have come to learn from the great champions of health and life – and through helping people.

Take heed.

 As the pandemic continues, it’s vital to maintain physical, chemical and emotional balance as:

Balance creates wellness. Imbalance creates illness.

The good news is that our universe will always return to a state of balance.

These Covid-19 times too shall pass.

Go well.

Seek balance.


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