As South Africans we need to want it more

16 April 2024, Tuesday




The Great Champions of Business, Sport and Life…….


What drives them to want it more ?


The answer lies in the difference  between motivation and inspiration.

They go beyond. They go beyond motivation to a WORLD OF INSPIRATION – a world where a magical multiplier comes into play and takes effect.

And that multiplier lies in the inherent  MAGIC OF BRANDING – both professional and personal branding.

Each and every one of us is in marketing and selling, whether we know it or not.

Talent, strength, intelligence, kindness, beauty , wealth, power are all ways we advertise our value as human beings.

But, only a few of us truly leverage the inherent power which lies in the science and art of  branding.

The great champions do. They do more .

They go to the next level.

They go beyond mere marketing and selling – to capitalize on the emotional power ( E:Power ) of professional and personal branding.

Selling is ‘’Closing the Door”. Marketing is “Creating and Sustaining Relationships”. Branding is “Invoking an Emotional Response””

As human emotional beings, guess which drives the great champions to want it more .

Branding ignites Performance, Growth and Contribution.

It sets the great champions and the champion teams apart , invoking an emotional response.

And inspiring greatness.



Branding comes with  two distinct  components , very much like an ice berg .

OUTER BRANDING , the part which sits  above the water , is transparent for everyone to see . It’s the Performance “P ” in the branding equation , and it’s here where MOTIVATION does play a role .

But,  INNER BRANDING is the part which lies below the ocean – and where two potent P’s come  into play, namely  : Priorities and Purpose .

This  is the ENGINE ROOM OF INSPIRATION –   where performance gets ignited  –  in both teams and individuals .

Purpose , more than anything , explains wanting it more.

Motivation comes from finding money . Inspiration comes from finding meaning.

Nelson Mandela did not need motivation. His purpose  inspired him to want it more   :

To inspire freedom for all

Winston Churchill did not need motivation. His purpose inspired him to want it more:

To inspire hope

In London’s darkest days, Winston Churchill knew that if Britains gave up hope – they would lose the war.


Back home our national sports teams have an all important role to play in – inspiring a nation to greater levels of performance, growth and contribution .

This year the Springboks will face one of their most challenging assignments in taking on the world champions twice , followed by a resurgent England under Eddie Jones at Twickenham in November .

Their number one weapon lies in their purpose statement:


In Warren Whitely, the Boks have a  captain waiting in the wings to re-ignite our rugby –  one who has a proven record in leading diverse teams who want it more – teams who thrive on gees –  teams who live on camaraderie .

In the branding word:  GEES , the Boks own something powerful .

Win or lose, if the Boks play with GEES, the country will stand behind them through tough times .

Branding creates the inner magic – which ignites the outer magic in individuals and teams alike  


A few years back , I was lucky to involved with Kaiser Chiefs, in a year in which they took home all the silverware in one single season .

They tapped into the emotion of their  BRAND  – and their FANS.

THATHA ZONKE was the campaign name for players and fans alike .Translated it means TAKE ALL.

You might say where lies the emotion in that?

But, it was how Putco Mafani executed the message.

Written in bold across all the team whiteboards – in every change room, were  two words in  Afrikaans


The Afrikaans language is unique , in that it invokes emotion like very few languages can.

As South Africans, we own something special .




Together as one , we just need to want it more .






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