Brand South Africa. Far more blessings than stressings.

18 June 2024, Tuesday

I’m too blessed to be stressed : Brazilian surfer Filipe Toledo at JBay  

When facing up to any form of challenge, it’s refreshing to hear what Brazilian Filipe Toledo had to say after winning at JBay last week.

With the World Surf League title firmly in his sights, Toledo was pressed on how he feels about the mounting pressure of wearing surfing’s coveted Jeep Yellow Jersey.

He quipped:

I’m too blessed to be stressed

It’s a great way to view life, especially when your job includes having to exit the water when the odd one or two great white sharks come cruising through the line-up in Jeffreys Bay.

Surfers seem to take most things in their stride.

They’re definitely in- sync with the ocean.

Let’s apply Filipe Toledo’s way of thinking to Brand South Africa.

There will always be sharks coming through the line up. That’s just life.

But, thankfully we now have some great leaders who are fast building the right culture for Brand South Africa.

‘Ramaphoria’ has only just begun.

Those who want to disrupt – without adding any real value – will find themselves increasingly isolated in a country where people want growth and prosperity – earned via contribution.

Thank you Cyril Ramaphosa, thank you Pravin Gordhan, thank you Viceroy …..and the many more who have turned the tide on crime and corruption in our great country. No more hands outs.

In Madiba month, let’s all work extra hard to wave goodbye to those who do not have Brand South Africa at heart.

We are privileged to live in a country which has far more blessings than stressings.

Key Insight

Focus on your blessings – not your stressings.


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