Seven things YOU can do to be GREAT. The Game Plan

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There is a common belief among the great champions of business, sport and life:

”If you want to be the best – you must learn from the best”

Indeed human greatness leaves footprints.

Here are seven things which the great champions know, do and do not do – to put themselves firmly on the road from Good to Great to Greater


Setting up right means having the right mindset upfront.

The human subconscious mind – the storehouse of our beliefs and thoughts – is immensely powerful.

It can be your greatest partner in success, or your most destructive partner in self-sabotage.

You have to make a conscious choice of mindset.

Victor or Victim?

There is no middle road as the sub conscious human mind cannot entertain two thoughts at the same time.

Undoubtedly your best made plans will be rendered meaningless if you entertain a ‘victim mindset’.

In the lives of the great champions mindset matters most.

Never confuse the most important part of you – your subconscious mind. You cannot have thoughts of victory and defeat in your mind at the same time. The subconscious mind has the power to send sabotaging messages to your body. All it takes is one kernel of doubt: David Becker


Eleven times world surfing champion, Kelly Slater once shared:

Average is not where I want to be   

In reality we cannot all be World Champions, but we all do have an inbuilt desire to perform, grow and contribute to a better world.

We are all made for greatness.

To achieve greatness we must know what great looks like……..

People often equate human greatness with achieving success in life – and in today’s materialistic world, success is often linked to how many zeros you may have in your bank account.

However, if that were the true measure of human greatness, then Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and even Nelson Mandela would have failed in their pursuit of human greatness.

Human Greatness is far more than fleeting financial success. It’s about making a significant difference in life. It’s about longevity.

Human Greatness has three distinct S’s:

Success and Significance Sustained

Kelly Slater is a shining sporting example of the 3S’s in human great, but for most of us what’s important is to just be your own ‘WORLD CHAMPION’ – no matter how big or small your role may be on this planet .

Just go out and do it.


Richard Branson believes:

Branding is everything

A potent PERSONAL BRAND serves as your compass in good times and your scaffolding in challenging times.

By closely aligning their PURPOSE, their PRIORITIES (including their Core Values) and their PERFORMANCE GOALS, the great champions go on to transform their inner magic into their outer magic.

Investing in the 3P’s of Personal Branding will put  you on the fast track from Good to Greater to Greater..

My Advice. Invest in YOURSELF: Warren Buffett


At a dinner hosted by William H Gates(father of  Microsoft founder, Bill Gates) for a number of hand-picked business champions, he asked them to write down on a piece of paper one word which they deemed the one thing that determined their success and significance in business and life.

Two guests wrote the same word:


They were his own son, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet – two of the greats in the world today.

Focus drives extraordinary success.

Success begets success when one narrows one’s FOCUS to ONE thing.

Focusing on too many things will lead to discord and underperformance.

Less is therefore more in the lives of the great champions.

Be like a postage stamp – stick to one thing until you get there: Josh Billings


The great Everest champions know the difference between conquering and fighting.

Fighting means coming from a position of weakness – and inevitably ‘the mountain’ will wear you down.

Conquering means coming from a position of strength – which entails having the right mindset, the right knowledge, the right support and the right game plan.

Champions summit by choosing to conquer, never fight.


The main aim of ‘’The Game of Life’’ is not to be the richest man in the cemetery

Despite his genius in many realms of life, Steve Jobs got it tragically wrong – passing away at 56 with a net worth 56 billion dollars.

Steve Jobs got it wrong when he failed to live a balanced life, flaunting with the fundamental principles of life and health, namely

Physical – what we put into our bodies

Chemical – what we put into our mouths

Emotional – what we put into our heads

It becomes near impossible to deliver ‘’Sustained Success and Significance’’ when one does not adhere to the golden rule of health.

Too much or too little of anything for too long creates imbalance

Imbalance leads to ill-health

The great champions understand the importance of balance.


The last decade has been a tough ride for Tiger Woods.


Tiger Woods chooses to chase the game – chase the result.

The great sporting champions know how this approach can easily lead to what is termed ‘’Burn Out’’

The human smart way to play the game is to:

live the journey

Success is found in the journey – not the result.

The great champions put ‘’the why’’ before ‘’ the what ‘’ in life.

For any great sporting champion this means : ‘’to entertain, to educate, and to enrich lives through their god given sporting geniuses’.

Then the results will follow.

Live the journey.

It’s a vital cog in sustaining human greatness.

Go Great


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If you do not empower yourself, someone or something will overpower you : Dr John de Martini

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