Rob Opie. Struggling to shed that festive bulge .Here’s why.

18 June 2024, Tuesday

If you one of those people who’s still struggling to shed those extra kilograms that you found over the festive season, here is some food for thought. And it comes from those in the know.

More than 2500 years ago, the Greek physician Hippocrates, said that food should be our first and most important ‘medicine’. Fast forward to 2014, which when it comes to food, must surely be described as the year of ‘the banting diet’. Professor Tim Noakes is no doubt a big fan of the importance of food when it comes to wellness and /or illness. While his new book certainly ruffled a few feathers, it also helped many people to get their lives back on track. But, is it clear where the main benefits of following ’low carb diet ‘are coming from? This is especially pertinent now, as most of us simply find in near impossible to maintain a low carb diet over the festive cheer. And we are left wondering how to get back into shape?

Behind the success of Prof Tim’s ‘low carb diet’ diet lies one of the most powerful universal laws of life and health, which reads

Now why is this important? We as South Africans just love carbs. We cram out daily lives full of carbs. But, what we need to realize is that carbs are all acid producing food substances. So, ‘too many carbs’ over the festive season, and add to that ‘too much alcohol’, which is also a highly acid producing substance, we simply create very fertile ground for all sorts of problems to develop. Let’s take an acute example, which most of us experience over the festive season – a hangover. It’s merely the body communicating to you that you have created an ‘acute acid overload’ – an imbalance is in play .Too much acidity therefore impairs the functioning of the human body , specially the metabolic process . It slows it down radically, and it’s little wonder that those extra kilos find their way to that place on your body that least requires them.

So, how does one counter this scenario? After all everyone enjoys some party time .Firstly with the right knowledge, and an understanding that there’s more to maintaining one’s optimal body mass , than just ‘the right eating plan’ and ‘the right exercise plan’. It’s crucial to grasp the concept of maintaining the right acid / alkaline balance in the body, so that the metabolic process can operate optimally. Only then, can one hope to avoid those extra kilos. And it’s not easy as carbs are often far more indulgent, convenient and cost effective.

So, here’s the trick to get those kilos to disappear before February arrives .Carry on with all the normal actions like ramping up the exercise plan again, and seeking to eat a balanced diet – which means an equal intake of acidic and alkaline producing foods. But, take heed of what others ‘in the know’ are doing – those with the esoteric knowledge. Check out the new role of alkaline supplements. (And this is not a promotion for any product or brand ).People are now finally starting to grasp how important the role of maintaining one’s acid /alkaline balance is – with maintaining one’s overall vitality If you not sure , just pop into any of the pharmacy chains like Dischem , and see how must shelf space is now being allocated to alkaline powders Alkaline supplements help with our fast paced ‘acid overload ‘modern lifestyles. They help restore the optimal acid /alkaline balance so that metabolic process can operate optimally. This means getting the Ph levels right. The human metabolic process works like your swimming pool. Get the Ph levels wrong and see what happens to your pool.

Alkaline supplements can certainly help, if they bring on a new way of thinking about health. But, beware, as it’s still up to you to seek and maintain that overall optimal life balance .After all life balance will always remain the most powerful drug on the market by far.

Special note to readers: One of the main drivers of the surge in obesity levels in modern society is chronic acidosis. It’s responsible for significantly impairing the optimal functioning of the human metabolic process. Failure to maintain an optimal acid /alkaline balance therefore renders the human body ‘out of kilter’, and fertile ground is created for many states of dis/ease, as opposed to ease.


*Robert Opie is a human brand coach, brand consultant, key note speaker and author. He also runs a fast expanding GLOBAL ON LINE WELLNESS RESOURCE CENTRE, ex Durban, which specializes in helping people to conquer cancer worldwide. His passion and purpose is to help people ‘to do life better’ .Visit .za   and Rob can be personally contacted at robopie


Too much or too little of anything for too long, will create a state of imbalance