Rob Opie on cancer: It’s not your fault if you get it, and here’s why

28 May 2024, Tuesday

One of the most common questions I get asked by cancer patients through my global online Cancer Resource Centre is: Did I bring this on myself?
Well, nobody ever wishes oneself to be ill, so the answer is a resounding NO. So, why then is the incidence of cancer growing at such an alarming rate? And why are more and more lives being devastated by a dis-ease, that is not as complicated as most people in the cancer community make it out to be?

Where does the primary challenge lie?

In 1971, US President Richard Nixon signed the US National Cancer Act into force, and America was to commit billions to fighting the war against cancer. Most Americans, and the world, believed that if they could put a man on the moon, the war against cancer would soon be over.
More than 40 years on and still no cure for cancer has been found. And near zero consensus on the cause of cancer. Modern conventional medicine is therefore failing the cancer test.

Now that may sound a little harsh, as the genius of modern medicine saves millions of lives every day, but the reality is that when it comes to cancer, the progress is limited. Success has been confined to early detection programmes and symptomatic treatment processes only, but no definitive answers as to what causes cancer.

This has created fertile ground for a minefield of misinformation and myths. It’s little wonder that the man in the street is perplexed, and often falls victim to what can now be termed a “cancer juggernaut”.

Health paradox

The word “carcinogenic” is overly used and strikes fear in most people’s lives. It’s a word ascribed to “any substance that may be cancer producing”. But, herein lies the paradox. Conventional medicine does not know what causes cancer and therefore the cancer juggernaut gathers further momentum.
Let’s take a look at a few examples. Most people believe that smoking causes cancer. But, in reality no one has ever proven this to be true. The thinking is wrong.

And here’s another example that happened this past week while I was writing this article. A cancer patient comes out of ICU. She requests a coke. Doctors refused, pointing out that their latest thinking is to starve the cancer cells of sugar. The thinking is wrong again. Modern conventional medicine is reading it wrong.

The world needs to acknowledge that if the extensive research to find a cure, has not produced positive results after more than 40 years, then a fundamental shift in approach is required, in order to bring about a different result. And to put an urgent stop to the misleading and destructive myths and mis- information surrounding cancer.

What’s required is a “think different” approach.

We can choose to put the blame on all types of carcinogens that we are led to believe is the cause of cancer – hence we can unwittingly play “victim” to all the misinformation. Or we can say: “No!” Those who do go on to conquer cancer choose not to play the “victim” role. That’s because they now know that cancer can be conquered with “the right knowledge”.

So how does one conquer cancer?

Questions and answers

A good place to start is to ask the right questions: How do those who have gone before and conquered cancer do it? Great cancer champions like Lance Armstrong, Nelson Mandela, Kylie Minogue and many more.

It’s wise to take heed of what the great cancer champions know, what they do and what they don’t do to conquer one of life’s greatest challenges. What’s more is to take heed of those that have failed, for instance Steve Jobs.

Yes, many have indeed benefitted from powerful symptomatic processes such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, but those who go on to conquer cancer “do more”. They do not solely rely on symptomatic treatment.

They take heed of “the cancer message”.

It’s import to grasp that any state of dis-ease originates in one of the three realms of life and health, namely the physical, chemical or emotional realms. The genius of modern conventional medicine can never be doubted in the physical or chemical realms, but herein lies “the game changer”. Contrary to what most people like to believe, cancer does not originate in either of these two realms. Cancer originates and triggers in the emotional realm. Cancer is a human emotion dis-ease.

This is where modern conventional medicine is reading it wrong. And, if one limits one’s research to the physical and chemical realms – there will never be a cancer cure forth coming from conventional medical science.

Finding balance

Taking heed of what the great cancer champions do, is the key to cracking the cancer code. Anyone who successfully undergoes symptomatic treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, also does something else. They put themselves through a period of self-introspection, which means they take action to “restore life balance” in their lives.

It’s a process that requires equal measures or self-honesty and self-love.

Unlike most people believe, cancer is not the enemy. Cancer is one’s wake-up call. It’s the universe sending one a message to restore life balance. Life balance is what drives wellness, and life imbalance is what drives illness. Most people have little or no clue that emotion is the Number 1 life force, and is responsible for many states of dis-ease. Negative emotion held for too longer period of time, creates imbalance, and turns toxic in the human body – triggering dis-ease.

Cancer is such an example. With every single cancer patient I have ever worked with or studied, I always find one thing in common – one thing that causes and triggers cancer. It’s consciously and/or sub-consciously long-term resentment. Most cancer patients simply do not know that they are unwittingly harboring a highly toxic emotion.

And with all the misinformation and myths being punted about cancer, it’s extremely difficult for them to grasp that cancer is a universal message –the universe trying its level best to tell one “to restore life balance” – to uncover and remove this toxic and life destructive emotion called long-term resentment.

The universe has thrown out a lifeline to restart the journey of life, and it’s imperative that one acts fast to cut off this “one and only” cancer fuel. Enjoy that coke, as all cancer patients need more happiness and love in their lives, not less.


*Rob Opie runs a global online Wellness Resource Centre based in Durban, South Africa, that specializes in helping people to conquer (and prevent) cancer.