RASSIE. A true master of leveraging Emotional ‘E’ POWER.

17 July 2024, Wednesday










How good was the “Chasing the Sun” film?

Inspiring our nation – men and woman.

Congratulations to the Super Sport team who put it all together.

This past Sunday, Jackie Cameron, BIZNEWS editor, asked me to add some perspective after the New Zealand Herald had sent out a video of one of Rassie’s locker room speeches – taking it viral in NZ.

Our BIZNEWS article has this week already been read by over 27 000 people, proving just how popular Rassie is in South Africa.

Here’s the link if you want to watch/read.

How world sees SA: Rassie Erasmus team talk to ‘bully’ rugby players goes viral

Rassie gave us all a MASTERCLASS in Japan – showing us just how emotional “E” Power can be used to build a rugby team.

But, what he really showed us is how emotional ‘E’ Power can be used to build a nation.

Emotional ‘E’ Power has the ability to galvanize teams (and nations) – and turn underdogs into destroyers at any given point in the game of life.

The video reveals how Rassie was thinking before the Japan game.

He knew that the real danger of playing Japan in front of their RWC home crowd was emotional ‘E’ Power.

If Japan had got just a sniff – and were allowed to play ‘their own game‘ – the Bokke would have found themselves in some kind of early trouble.

Rassie had to plan to decisively ‘snuff out’ any chance of that happening.

He chose to do this by leveraging off the Bok’s own form of a higher ‘E’ power.

Instead of using the opportunity to ‘revenge’ the emotional loss to Japan in 2015, he chose to rather focus on the Bok’s playing :

to save their country – to save their country ravaged by gender based violence at the time.

Strong authentic words were called for to get his message across.

None of the Bokke were ready to climb back on any plane to take them home the next day………

The Boks took an ultra aggressive approach to this game – and the Japanese were blasted out of the RWC.

It would be opportune for us to now to invite our Japanese friends to tour South Africa – as soon as possible.

They were great RWC hosts and we need to reciprocate – and help them further put rugby on the map in Japan.

But for now, we are gearing up for the incoming British & Irish Lions tour……..

No doubt that Rassie is already hatching his new MASTERPLAN to win on the field of play.

It’s going to be a cracker-jacker tour.

South Africans must all get ready to host the incoming fans off the field.

Any BOK supporter, who has toured Ireland or any of the home nations for that matter, will tell you how well they host us South Africans.

We need to open up our borders, our airlines, our hotels, our stadiums, our pubs, our homes and our hearts in 2021 (given protocols) to host our British and Irish friends.

Tickets bought.

Cannot wait for this ONE – OF – A – KIND tour.


Go Great


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