Ramaphosa is setting the tone right – the way things should be done.

18 June 2024, Tuesday








The times are a changin’ : Bob Dylan   


Here’s a touch of inspirational insight on how Brand South Africa is fast renewing itself.

On Monday evening I snapped this photo from my balcony on the KZN North Coast.

Two SA Navy offshore patrol vessels showing off –  showing some pride.

Why is this significant?

Simply, because it’s not often that we see the navy patrolling our KZN coast line.

But, what has been a common sighting for the last decade, has been the SAAF pilots flying  ‘Zuma’s Oryx Taxis’  – ferrying the President to and fro from his Nkandla homestead on most weekends .

It’s not too difficult to do the numbers.

President Jacob Zuma’s weekends, including flying the presidential jet into King Shaka from Waterkloof, have been costing tax payers close on a whopping HALF A MILLION NEARLY EVERY WEEKEND- for the past nine years.(and before in his deputy president days)

That’s hundreds of millions of tax monies which went down the drain on what was known in Durban flying circles as Zuma’s :

Jolliepatrollies- with family and friends.

Money that could have been spent on low cost housing for the poor.

Thankfully, Helen Zille did once pay a brief visit to Nkandla to highlight the drastic squandering of state monies. But this well intended visit only brought about minor change when President Jacob Zuma’s pair of SAAF Oryx’s was cut to one.

The good news is that the KZN coastal sky has gone quiet in February – ever since Cyril Ramaphosa took over.

No more  ‘Zuma taxis’. No more ‘jolliepatrollies’

Replaced by a show of pride from our Navy – under its new commander in chief.

The same transformation is now apparent in our police stations, even our home affairs offices –  as our new  resepcted commander – in- chief’  takes his rightful  place on their walls.

Zuma gone.

Cyril Ramaphosa is doing far more than just renewing South Africa – he’s re- igniting a sense of pride, gees and ubuntu.




Recently he was even pictured ‘roughing it’ on a golf cart while travelling between meetings in Davos, Switzerland. (Photo: Alec Hogg)

Game Changer Cyril Ramphosa is :

Setting the tone right – for the way things should be done.

Halala Cyril




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