Performance Coaching. And how it can take you and your team to the next level of great .

30 May 2024, Thursday




“Complexity is the enemy of execution”

                            : Tony Robbins





In America, Tony Robbins is commonly known as ‘The CEO Whisperer’.

He has taken on the mantle of America’s Number One performance coach in helping both teams and individuals to reach the next level of Growth, Performance and Contribution – the next level of great.

For sharing his wisdom, Tony Robbins gets paid in telephonic numbers by captains of the industry – and performance coaching in America is now growing at an exponential  18 % per annum. Why ?

Americans have opened up to getting advice on how to improve their performance – improve their lives.

Inwardly ,and now outwardly, they’re saying:

I deserve better. We deserve better

Witness the reality show   ‘’ The Voice’, where we no longer have judges as in ‘Idols”, but we now have COACHES. Things are changing.

CEO’s , athletes and celebrities all have coaches , and it’s fast becoming the norm for anybody who has a burning desire to reach the next level .

Let’s delve deeper.

Tony Robbin’s coaching genius lies in his unique ability to deconstruct complexity –  helping to unlock and unleash individual and team potential.

Ironically, both Donald Trump and Hilary Cinton have presented at Tony Robbin’s  seminars. He knows them well, and it’s as if Americans have now voted for their very own ‘Performance Coach’  – to shake things up for Brand America.

Fed up and tired of politicians, Americans have voted for someone with a proven business track record – someone they believe will :  ”Make America Great Again”.

Americans have sounded a clear message to their politicians:

We deserve better

Performance Coaching starts with a reality check.

Right here in South Africa , it’s no different from what is  currently transpiring for  Brand America.

We’re perilously close to receiving a  ‘Junk Status‘ rating from S&P , and on the sporting front we have seen the Sunday Tribune lash out to rate our current Springbok team as ‘pathetic’ .

These are ratings.

The question is –  what are we doing about it?

A few of South Africa’s great business leaders have recently spoken up to warn against the impending risk of going one step further to S&P ‘s ‘Junk Status ‘. (All three of the major rating agencies are due to visit South Africa and confirm their rating stance before year end)

There can be zero doubt that we are a country which benefits significantly from high levels of foreign investment on the JSE .  As recently as last Friday , retail investors  got zero look in prior to Dischem listing on the JSE . This means that foreign investment is playing an ever increasing role on the JSE . It’s one of our key growth drivers.

But, that could change dramatically, and large chunks of foreign money will be  mandately forced to exit the country if  we attain  “junk status”

As South Africans united together , we also need to now send a clear message to our politicians:

We deserve better

Ok, let’s  now take a closer look at how performance coaching can benefit you and your team :

If you have this feeling of  “I deserve better – we deserve better ” , please take our simple  REALITY CHECK on our  ‘’Good to Great to Greater’’ barometer below :

Give yourself, and your work team, a current rating on a scale from 1-10.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbb Here’s your guide :

2=Pathetic; 3= Poor ; 4 = below average ; 5= Average ;

6 = above average ; 7 = Good , 8 = Greater ; 9 = Greater



How do you stack up?

Are you playing the game at the level of the All Blacks (Steve Hansen’s win ratio is 9,1 ), or playing the game at the current level of the Springboks? (Allister Coetzee’s win ratio is 3,6)

Ok,  let’s say you gave yourself a SIX OR SEVEN.

Performance Coaching  will turn that six or seven into a NINE. How ?

There are two ways to get to NINE , the first of which is called ‘The School of Hard Knocks ” road .

But , this ever more popular road in South Africa, can often prove to be a very bumpy one , it can often lead to ‘Burn Out ‘- and sometimes it even leads to human implosion .

There exists a far easier road to Human Great . It’s the human smart one:

To be the best , you must learn from the best

The No.1 challenge with this road is that YOU do not have the time to study and model what the great champions of life know , do and do not do  – to achieve human greatness.

That’s where a Performance Coach comes in and adds significant value .

Performance Coaches give you invaluable access to the esoteric knowledge and collective wisdom of the great champions of life .

Have a  look at this short audio visual to see what NINE looks and feels like :

As Warren Buffet puts it :

My Advice. Invest in yourself

Let us at THE GAME PLAN help you and your team to play – and stay at: NINE.

Let us share with you our simple , but far from simplistic methodologies, TO BE GREAT

That’s where our expertise lies . It’s our game to help you.

Invest in yourself. Invest in your team



Till next. Go Great

Rob Opie is a Brand Strategist, Author, Speaker, and Performance Coach to Business executives, Corporate teams, Sports teams and Individuals.


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