Novak Djokovic. The road to greatness is paved with ‘inner engineering’

18 June 2024, Tuesday

Novak Djokovic made winning his 20th Grand Slam title look easy at Wimbledon 2021.

This is what the great champions do.

But, this is often far from the case, as Novak revealed in his brutally honest acceptance speech a few years back at the 2019 Laureus Awards.

On that occasion, Novak spoke about a career that was on the verge of destruction – relentlessly chasing Roger and Rafa , but what he termed a three year period of ‘ inner engineering’ helped him to see what the game of tennis – and the game of life – was all about.

If you would like to read more about what Novak said in that speech, go to my blog from March 2019 – by clicking on link below:

His speech was crammed full with wisdom


It’s vital to live the journey – as Novak now knows so well.

“Success is found in the journey – not the result”

What a difference it has made for a man who can be ‘arguably acknowledged’ to now being the greatest player of all time.

How many more grand slams will he go on to win?

The king of tennis is only 34 and in the form of his life?

“I’m not chasing anyone. I’m making my own journey, my own path, my own history. I’m privileged to be part of history in this sport that I love.” Novak Djokovic

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