Novak Djokovic. Probably the biggest victory of his career.

18 July 2024, Thursday






‘ Considering the circumstances, this is probably the biggest victory in my life’; Novak Djokovik on winning the Australian Open 2023.


Novak Djokovic is back on the top of the tennis world after his perfect 10th win at the Australian Open, placing him now level with Rafa Nadal with 22 major victories to date.

Coming back from a roller coaster 2022 to win his 10th Aussie Open at a packed Melbourne Park, and aged 35, it openly took its toll on a highly emotional Novak.

As he climbed into the stands to celebrate with his team, the tears and raw vivid emotion were open for everyone to see.

‘I do want to make history of this sport, no doubt.’

Novak Djokovic speaking before the Aussie Open final.

And that he certainly did , adding Aussie trophy No. 10, to the seven from Wimbledon, three from the U.S. Open – where he also was absent last year because of no corona vaccine – and two at the French Open – to now match rival Rafael Nadal on 22 major wins.

It’s the most in men’s tennis. Only two women in Margaret Court, with 24, and Serena Williams, with 23 – are ahead of him.

But, it was a different Novak in the build up to the tournament at Melbourne Park – back after deportation in 2022 and his father facing false pro Russian accusations in Australia.

After an up and down 2022, it certainly felt like he had a score to settle with the authorities in Australia – the stress and mental challenge must have been massive.

Reaching the magic NUMBER TEN was his way to answer everyone.

Superb shot selection coupled with true unyielding determination to succeed.

Add to that the tribute received from his opponent in the final. It must have meant so much to him.

 I think he is the greatest that has ever held a tennis racket. Thank you for pushing our sport so far ; Stefanos Tsitsipas

And this from John McEnroe ;

I believe him [when the Serb says it’s his biggest victory, with all that’s happened in the last year]. I’ve never seen Novak so emotional. 

On winning, Novak pointed to his temple before climbing into the stands, where he pumped his fist and jumped with his coach, Goran Ivanisevic, and other members of the entourage, then collapsed, crying.

The question now is;

‘ Can Novak  go on to capture 25 Grand Slams?’

John McEnroe says YES, sighting that Djokovic’s GOAT rivals Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer both having won multiple majors after 35.

Djokovic will turn 36 just ahead of Roland Garos. It’s his next major challenge and a two- way battle looms as he and Rafael finish out their careers over the next few years.

Here’s looking to NUMBER 23 for Novak when he heads to Rafa’s second ‘home’ – where the Spaniard has 14 French Open major victories under his belt.

It’s going to be a ‘one of a kind’ contest to see who the ultimate GOAT is.

A mouthwatering show down is on the cards for everyone to watch.

My money is on Novak.

He’s the ultimate master at self-motivation, and finding more ways to get hungry, to continually improve and stay inspired – despite the challenges that are thrown his way.

See my blog penned way back in 2019 when Novak shared at the Laureus Awards that he had to do some ‘inner engineering’ – as he phrased it at the time.

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