Novak Djokovic. ‘Inner Engineering’ key to his record success.

18 April 2024, Thursday


‘“I’m going to keep going. You know, I feel good in my own body. I still feel I got the support of my environment, of my team, of my family,” Novak Djokovic aged 36.


He must surely now be recognized as the greatest of all time:  GOAT

Novak Djokovic, aged 36, is showing no signs of slowing after his record equalling 24th GRAND SLAM victory at the US OPEN.

He now stands to go past Margaret Court’s record of 24 grand slams at next year’s Australian Open.

This all comes from a man who five years back at the Laureus Awards spoke openly about being burnt out chasing ‘ Roger and Rafa ‘ – and having to take himself through a process of ‘ inner engineering’.

Novak Djokovic’s acceptance speech at the Laureus Awards that year was crammed full with wisdom – and some brutal honesty – from which we can all take lessons – from a GOAT.

Yes, even the greatest of the great champions have to dig deep at times.

Forced out the game to undergo surgery after the 2018 Australian Open, Novak revealed how for him it was actually a three year period on introspection.

A reality check on life – or what he likes to call:


“A period of Inner Engineering”


His wife, Jelena playing a huge part in resurrecting a career that was on the verge of destruction.

His injury forcing him to take heed.

He himself admitting that he had difficulty rejoicing in his success and its “meaning”, revealing that he felt “relief” more than anything even after achieving his momentous calendar grand slam in 2016.

‘’Back at Roland Garros 2016, when I achieved the ultimate goal of tennis to hold all four slams at the same time, I felt a huge relief, I did not feel fulfilment to be honest : Novak Djokovic

Like so many other great champions, Novak had fallen into the human trap of:


‘Chasing the game’


He revealed how he had struggled to find higher purpose.

‘I tried to understand why, and I think it was because I didn’t embrace or I didn’t live the process or the journey as much as I needed – and wanted that destination or that achievement of that goal. When I actually reached it, I realised that the goal would be nothing without that journey.’ Novak Djokovic at the Laureus Awards

Chasing the game – chasing the result – serves only to steer any great champion towards ‘burn out‘.

‘Inner Engineering’ helped Novak to embrace the power of sport, which comes through an understanding of sport’s higher purpose:


‘To Entertain, to Educate and to Enrich the lives of others’.


Novak has certainly entertained us with the bigger picture since moving away from of ‘chasing the game.’

No matter how big or small your role may be on this planet, it’s unwise to’ chase the game’ in life.


‘Success is found in the journey – not the result.’


Live the journey.

‘I felt immense relief and great gratitude for that moment. People ask me why I didn’t celebrate immediately after the winning point but I simply felt relief and now I’m grateful that it’s all over. The first thing I wanted to do after the victory was hug my daughter. She is my guardian angel, she inspired me to win and was fundamental’. Novak on winning at US OPEN

Thanks Novak for sharing that.

And congratulations Novak on making winning your 24th Grand Slam title look easy at the US OPEN – at age 36.

This is what the great champions do.

For Novak there will be few thoughts of calling it a day any time soon, unless his body dictates otherwise.

Inner engineering has been part his ongoing success formula.

“I’m not chasing anyone. I’m making my own journey, my own path, my own history. I’m privileged to be part of history in this sport that I love. I don’t put any number right now in my mind on how many Slams I want to win until the end of my career. I don’t really have any number, but, I do want to make history of this sport, no doubt.’ Novak Djokovic





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