18 April 2024, Thursday

Hi There

The weekend directly before our ‘non existent KZN EASTER weekend’, I was watching Scottie Scheffler romping home to his MASTERS victory.

Congratulations must go to a new 25 YEAR OLD AMERICAN humble SUPERSTAR.

Scottie was on top of his game – and has been throughout 2022.

Well done Scottie.

He is now World #1.

He just seemed to be totally in control of his golf – if that is possible in golf?

Somewhat bored , as nobody really put enough pressure on him, I flicked channels to watch Great Britain’s  greatest  culture “horse race”  run at  AINTREE in Liverpool  – over 30 jumps; THE GRAND NATIONAL.

Wow, did that perk me up suddenly.

A rank 50/1 outsider NOBLE YEATS – running right from the back – to obliterate the total field.

“Amateur rider Sam Waley-Cohen enjoyed a fairytale finale to his career as he guided Noble Yeats to a thrilling victory in the Randox Grand National at Aintree.”

If you get a chance : JUST YOU TUBE THE GRAND NATIONAL 2022.

I have leant through sport that, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE , but when Tuesday  morning arrived,  in my little home village called  Umdloti Beach, it suddenly changed  my thinking  a little –  mass flooding devastation – and so more  lives were to be tragicallly lost in our beloved KZN province – all in one year !

Having just experienced a 22km excursion on a pumping Umkomaas river – it is no easy thing when caught on a river that shows explosive anger.

Yes, sport significantly changes our lives in many ways , but when lives are lost like in KZN recently – it pales into insignificance in some sort of way.

But, what I do know, is that we always DO bounce back as South Africans . 


It argues for the good and bad we see in everyday life.

It may take many weeks, maybe months to fix parts of KZN once again – but one thing is for sure:

” Is that when human beings put aside their cultural differences and come together to declare that an urgent common concern is more important than individual cultural differences….things happen a lot faster.”

“IZANDLA ZIYA GEZANA” in Zulu means ‘hands wash each other’:  meaning we need each other to be effective in our efforts to make a difference in our communities.

It is so true.

It fosters continued further UNITY AND RESILIENCE IN OUR COUNTRY …… as we have seen so many times before.

It builds the COMMARADERIE that our great nation desires and deserves.


Together we will stand TOGETHER as a nation.


Thanks Rassie Eramus, YOU BEAUTY, for pinning that powerful SLOGAN FOR ALL US SOUTH AFRICANS.





It is inherent to the human condition that we bond

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