No Health. No Wealth. What fuel are you putting into your tank?

30 May 2024, Thursday

We live in the most technologically advanced society that mankind has ever known, yet we remain mostly unaware of the powerful universal laws of life and health that govern our daily lives.

Recent trends show more and more South Africans becoming near experts at self – medicating. And in business, the big money is certainly moving fast into the rapidly growing pharmaceutical game.

But are we doing it right?

It’s wise to ask oneself the question: What fuel am I really putting into my tank? We’re all selective and kind to our motor cars. We opt for 95 octane, never 93 octane fuel. And we always select a ‘can of the best!’

But, are we kind to ourselves when it comes to ‘filling up’ our own mind/body tanks? Here I’m referring to the three ‘fuels’ which govern our daily lives and our health, namely physical, chemical and emotional fuels? Of course, there’s plenty of advice out there from everywhere, but it’s often just a human trap –  in that it’s mostly commercially generated, and it may not be in your best interest. Beware!

It’s always best to keep in mind one of the most important universal laws of life and health :

The Law of Life Balance .

Too much or too little of anything – for too long – will create a state of imbalance

Imbalance is what creates illness (a state of dis/ease).Balance is what creates wellness (a state of ease).It’s a choice. And this is where we often get it wrong . And then we run to our doctors and the pharmaceutical counter to seek symptomatic relief. And this is where the universal message often goes unheard –

it’s better ‘to seek life balance’, than having ‘ to attempt to restore life balance though medication’

In the physical realm, it’s a fairly easy job to seek life balance. That’s because the body has clear ways of telling us when we get it wrong – too little or too much sleep. Or too little or too much exercise .Or too little or too much heat/cold. We just seem to know when we have over done, or under done it!

It’s the same in the chemical realm, which is predominantly about what we take in through our mouths. Eat wrong and the body will send out a clear message – like indigestion , bloating , diarrhea , constipation ,obesity , vomiting and best of all ‘the famous hangover’ .Our bodies scream out to us ‘to restore life balance’ , when we eat or drink wrong !

But, the real  life challenge lies in the third realm of health, namely the emotional realm. Here it’s definitely not so clear cut . Seldom do we take heed of any bodily message sent out to tell us that we have created an’ emotional imbalance’. We get it unwittingly and humanly wrong, and it’s right here in the emotional realm, that many of the serious life threatening dis/eases originate .

Sadly most of us have little or no clue how negative emotions can wreak havoc with health and happiness. In fact they can destroy and destruct lives.

It’s therefore wise to pay close attention to the ’emotional fuel’, which one is putting into one’s tank.

Fill up your tank – your game plan – with powerful positive emotions, the ones responsible for creating wellness. Positive emotions such as unconditional love, gratitude, acceptance, forgiveness, joy and happiness. These are the greatest healers on this planet.

If,on the other hand you allow your game plan to cram up with the negative emotions, you will soon be in trouble? Negative emotions such as criticism, resentment, guilt, hate, futility and fear – are the ones that if held long term, will turn toxic in the human body. At first you may notice some niggling symptom, but all too often these signals go unnoticed, and eventually the symptom becomes a loud clanging bell – often a life threatening one .The emotional  fuel you have ‘ selected ‘ has turned toxic! Emotional imbalance can destruct and destroy you, often terminating life itself. Change your ‘emotional fuel ‘immediately.

This is how it works in life and health. And this is how to avoid the ever growing pharmaceutical queues. Fill up daily with the right stuff – the right fuel – in the physical, chemical ,and most importantly emotional realms of life and health!

As they say: No health, No wealth!

* Rob Opie is a Strategic Brand Consultant, key note speaker, author and game changer to organizations and individuals. He runs a Strategic Brand Consultancy called The Game Plan – which helps and enables individuals and teams to reach the next level. Please visit He’s also the founder of a global online Cancer Resource Centre at