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18 July 2024, Thursday

Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Steve Jobs



Steve Job’s tragic and untimely death in 2011, at age 56, sent us all a stark reminder that when it really counts – wealth cannot buy back health.

Despite his vast financial wealth and intellectual genius, Steve Jobs was to learn the hard way, and pay the ultimate price.

He got it unwittingly and humanly wrong, when he failed to observe the No.1 universal principle of health and life:


What then is the key to living a healthy, happy and balanced life?

Consider this;

too much or too little of anything- for too long- in life leads to a life of imbalance (state of dis-ease/ state of illness) as opposed to a life of balance (state of ease/ state of wellness).


When it comes to wisdom on wellness, the most insightful knowledge which I have ever received in my years of research – did not come from the medical fraternity, but rather from one of Great Britain’s greatest field athletes, Sir Sebastian Coe – who shared the following:


“We all have a finite amount of energy. Whether you use physical, chemical or emotional energy it all comes from the same source. Wherever you focus your energy, you’re either filling or depleting the same well.”


Sir Sebastian Coe has got it spot on.


There is only one HUMAN ENERGY WELL, and we are the key player when it comes to our own wellness.

It’s in our own hands as to whether we choose to fill or drain our ‘one and only’ well.

Our choice dictates whether we live a life of ‘balance or imbalance’ – ‘ease or disease’.

It’s our human choice as to how we play the game via the three realms of health and life.

However, many of us fall into the human trap of unwittingly, habitually and humanly creating our own forms of imbalance in our lives.

Here are the most common human mistakes which we make – and we must avoid – to avoid the doctor’s rooms:

#1: PHYSICAL (what we put into our bodies)

For instance, we do not get enough sleep or enough exercise. Or we entertain physical toxins – for example: ‘too much or too little’ sun.

There are many more examples in the physical realm…..

#2: CHEMICAL (what we put into our mouths and noses)

Commonly our diets get crammed full of acidic foodstuffs – and not enough alkaline foods to balance the ph levels in the diet equation. We further punish our bodies with the intake of too many chemical toxins – alcohol and cigarettes being the most common culprits.

#3: EMOTIONAL. (What we put into our heads)

We unwittingly and humanly hold onto highly toxic emotions, not knowing how dangerous this can be for our health and our lives in the long run.

The prime emotional culprits here are:


“Resentment, Hate, Guilt, Criticism and Futility (Self-pity)”


 Long term held RESENTMENT fuels CANCER– by sending the human cell formation process into festering disarray.


’Resentment is a messy and confusing emotion to handle. It’s bitter indignation. It’s insidious. It festers. It’s toxic. It’s a belief that one has been treated unfairly and it can go on for years and years. It drives internal repressed anger, pain, and human frailty’.


 Long term held HATE fuels HEART ATTACK – by constricting the flow of blood, love and joy.


 Long term held GUILT fuels MOTOR NEURON DISEASE – by closing down the motor neurons. This happens when one unwittingly chooses to not live a balanced life in line with one’s own highest values, thus generating ongoing inner guilt.


 Long term held CRITICISM fuels the AUTO IMMUNE DISEASES – by clogging up the human body. (including arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia and others)


 Long term held FULTILITY fuels DEPRESSION & ADDICTION – by diminishing the meaning /purpose of life.


Being aware of these toxic emotions is all important as these ‘Big Five‘ emotions can manifest in one or other of the serious life threatening forms of disease.

‘Empower your health or you will soon be told what organs to remove – or drugs to take’: Dr John de Martini

Every day, you’ve gotta stand guard of the door to your mind” Tony Robbins

Yes. every day, we’re either FILLING OR DRAINING the finite human energy well”.

Thank you Sir Sebastian.

The good news is that if we get anywhere close to “optimum balance” in all three universal realms of health and life, we will soon find ourselves mastering our health – and our lives.

Go Well. Go Great


This article is not health advice but simply suggestions on how to think about your body and health.


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