MTN’s Phutuma Nhleko . Playing the game just right

18 June 2024, Tuesday

Hats off to MTN’s  game – changer Phutuma Nhleko.

Faced with an unprecedented fine from Nigerian authorities, there were many routes that MTN could have chosen to ‘ play the game right’- moving forward.

Of course ,the best would be to create a win -win situation. Which MTN have chosen to do by looking at the bigger picture – and understanding Nigeria’s touch points.

Nigeria would do well to take heed of what the Australian government are currently doing to decrease its reliance on resources –  to look to attract increased foreign investment to do this  , and to capitalize on an opportunity to move towards a more diversified economy.

This would certainly make Nigeria’s decision to slap MTN with an unprecedented fine look short sighted – in the wake of continued low oil prices.

Foreign investors will now take note of a seemingly unfair business environment and steer well clear of future investments – unless they can be reassured by Nigeria’s recently elected Muhammadu Buhari.

So, in effect the Nigerian authorities have created two losers – MTN and themselves.

MTN has played the game right by seeking to point this out to Nigerian authorities – that a win/win is possible.

Unfortunately, it will take the Nigerian courts to once again help politicians to see the light of day.

It’s also a key learning for BRAND SOUTH AFRICA.

Our country leaders and our business leaders need to move closer and ever more closer in 2016 and beyond

 to build win/win scenarios.

Hats off to Phutuma Nhleko, Pravin Gordhan, Brian Molefe and many other great South Africans who are playing the game just right.


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