Mozambique’s game changer. The times they are a changin…….

20 April 2019, Saturday






Cyril Ramaphosa is undoubtedly South Africa’s Game Changer – and once the May elections are done and dusted – we will all find ourselves on a ‘renewed’ accelerated path of growth, prosperity and unity.

But, what about our neighbours Mozambique?

Have they got a game changer which can also put their country on a path of accelerated growth and unity?

Last week, I was privileged to spend time in Mozambique on a travel /fishing adventure in Zavora… see and listen.

The Maputo-Katembe Suspension Bridge (as pictured) and new 120 km road from Maputo to the South African border is indeed a game- changer.

The three kilometre long bridge, which was the vision of former President Samora Machel way back in 1979 ,  signals a significant investment in transport infrastructure  – removing what has proved to be a ‘bottleneck constraint‘ for investment, trade, employment and tourism in Mozambique.

The times they are a changing………

The travel time from Maputo to the South African Ponta do Oura / Kozi Bay border has been cut from six hours to just 90 minutes.

While some South Africans  bemoan the loss of ‘ the old Ponta do Oura playground ‘ – only accessible by 4×4 –  others see opportunities like exploring further north in Mozambique to experience the true beauty of the  ‘Magical Mozambique’ tropical coastline .

It’s only once you cross the Limpopo River that one begins to experience the splendour of the palm tree laden landscape – with crystal blue waters – and warm greetings.

It’s become far easier for tourists to go where they want to go – and the country is starting to realise the benefits of embracing a ‘warm tourism culture’ – with its expanding employment opportunities.

All bodes well for Brand Mozambique and Brand South Africa – on the up – and closer together after so many past challenges.

All bodes well for Africa.

Watch video on Africa’s longest suspension bridge.


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