To be the best - you must learn from the best






The Secret to life is to fall down seven times and get up eight times : Paulo Coelho   



As South Africans we are built pretty tough.

Famed Brazilian author Paulo Coelho is a fan of the ever more popular ” The School of Hard Knocks” road to human greatness , but there exists a far easier, less bumpy road .

Here it is in a nutshell ;

If you want to be the best – you must learn from the best

Indeed , human greatness leaves footprints.

Take heed of those who have achieved Sustained Success and Significance – what they know , what they do and what they do not do on their way to human greatness .

The problem is most of us simply do not have time to observe and study what they do .

Now , we’ve just made it a lot easier for you with a new 2017 POWER TALK :

THE GAME CHANGERS . Power up your Game .Good to Great to Greater.


Rob takes you on a journey  inside the game plans of the great champions  of Business, Sport and Life – sharing 11 of the most potent ‘ GAME -CHANGERS ’ –  it’s the stuff that will inspire and help your team to  reach that next level of Perfromance , Growth and Contribution .

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Here’s more on Rob’s talks , his GROWING SOUTH AFRICANS GREAT initiative , and what people are saying  :

ROBO COP 3Rob Opie is the founder of THE GAME PLAN , Brand Strategist ,Entrepreneur, Speaker , Author and HIGH PERFORMANCE COACH  to teams and individuals .

Rob shares stories , strategies and case studies derived from the world of the great champions , sharing what

     the great champions know, but coaches seldom teach !

It’s the stuff of Champions , the stuff that you cannot Google, the stuff you will not find on the Internet, and the stuff they do not teach you at Harvard!

His talks take the form of a LIVE TALK SHOW , taking interactive coaching questions  and sharing INSIGHT , INNOVATION  and INSPIRATION – helping both teams and individuals to reach the next level of  great :

  The Next Level of  Performance, Growth and Contribution.

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Go Great.






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His new eBook , as pictured , and foreworded by John Robbie, will be availble in November  ’17






 What others are saying :


Game- Changing . Life- Changing. Thank you for your great presentation and especially the perspective of what you present – I found it incredibly informative, thought provoking and refreshing – it’s a Game Changer not only for business but for life..!

Al Karacki. Bizmix Network. 93.8 FM


Well done Rob !  An inspirational experience.  Please keep doing what you’re doing for Brand South Africa –  your ‘Growing South Africans Great’ initiative is what we need more of as a nation .

Gary Player


Just a short note to thank you for sharing your vision in leadership with our group at our annual conference. It is not often that I see 100 of our execs sitting on the edge of their chair and ‘soaking it in’ as they did in your presentation. You stepped up our conference title from ‘Good to Great’ and made it ‘Great to Incredible.’ Game Plan, Set & Match! Much appreciated Rob and my sincere thanks once again,

Gavin Varejes: Executive Chairman. Richmark Holdings


Thanks for sharing game changing insights, innovation and inspiration .You have a unique talent when it comes to deconstructing complexity, and opening up the road to individual and team greatness . 

Clinton Irwin. Bata SA : Group Operations Manager

Thank you for sharing such powerful insights in our professional and personal lives. 110 ladies went home with new thinking on how to reach that next level up in their lives .  #UPYOURGAME.

Tina Cartwright. KZN Woman in Business: Chairperson


I have worked with many coaches and leaders at international level ,and Rob has by far championed our destiny to a higher level .

Luisette Mullin. Executive  Head D.A.V


We done Rob . You have an unique ability to deconstruct complexity, and unravel daily constraints in people’s professional and personal lives  . Inspired to live ! 

Gavin Baudinet.  Managing Director. AEI Group

Thanks for much for taking time out to chat to the lads.Your insights were relevant, informative, inspiring  and perfectly pitched to our young athletes.We would welcome you back any time.Kind regards

Graham Bennetts.Deputy Head. Maritzburg College