I got screwed. It sucks. It hurts.

16 April 2024, Tuesday



I got screwed. It sucks. It hurts :  Daniel Ricciardo on losing out in Monaco  






Some of the most compelling life lessons come from the field of our sporting champions.

Sport consumes our human emotions.

It dramatises life.

It speeds up learning.

It speeds up winning and losing – the successes and failures. The successes are instant, the failures dramatic. And the successes and the failures are transparent for all to see.

On and off the field of play, the frenetic and accelerating pace of our information and social media-driven era, places our sporting champions on a knifes edge .

Sport is a microcosm of life, and it’s no different in the business.

Consider these words of wisdom given to Jack Welch early in his life:

You punk. You should not be playing the game if you do not know how to lose.

Daniel Ricciardo drew the short straw in Monaco.

But, his public outburst, in openly criticising his own team in the public domain, can only have undermined team morale.

We are all human. We all make human mistakes. And in sport the wheel turns fast.

Sport teaches that. And it often humbles us.

It’s the great champions who choose to

 Turn adversity to advantage.

Not dis- advantage.

They turn despair to determination.

Hopefully, Australian Daniel Ricciardo who ‘s often referred to as ‘The Honey Badger” and  competes in a sport which tests every human emotion  – can take heed.




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