How to get more of what you want – and less of what you don’t want.

30 May 2024, Thursday



When life is easy, you get lucky and everything goes well. When things start going wrong, they start piling up and going more wrong : Bernie Ecclestone




If you want more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want, here’s the secret of the great champions of life and health:

Power up your deserve value.

A  surprisingly high percentage of the people who I coach have one thing in common.

They under-rate themselves – they under value themselves.

They diminish their own deserve value .

They fail to leverage one of the most powerful universal laws of life and health

They fail to attract more of ‘the right stuff ’ into their lives .

They unwittingly attract more of ‘’the wrong stuff’’ into their lives.



For those who have not had the opportunity to read Rhonda Byrne’s book: THE SECRET on the LAW OF ATTRACTION, here’ s how it works:



As human beings we are fascinated by what science can do for us in real life. Yet in reality, science does not mimic real life. It contradicts.

In real life  – like definitely attracts like.

It’s the universal law of magnetic attraction in action. We send out human vibrations and the universe sends back “like” vibrations. This means we create our own life experiences. We act as our own life engineers, depending on how we feel, think and talk about life.

We have the power to magnetically attract into our lives what we feel, think and talk about most of the time – negative or positive.

Our human thought focus therefore directly affects the quality of our lives. We have the power to attract or repel any of life’s multitude of opposites, for instance good or bad, success or failure, pain or pleasure, joy or sadness, pride or shame, win or lose, ease or dis-ease and even life or death. It’s our gift of choice.

We create our own life direction –  life design. Our feelings, our thoughts and especially our chosen words have a powerful vibratory force.

But here’s the secret of the great champions.

They power up their deserve value –  by powering up their personal brand value.

Ok,  are you ready to take the test ?

It’s time to power up your deserve value. Power up your brand.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbbUse THE GAME PLAN BAROMETER  alongside

Give yourself a score – a rating- on a scale from 0-10 for your own GAME PLAN- consider both your current professional and personal life circumstances:

2 = Very poor ; 3= Poor; 4 = Below average : 5 = Average : 6 = Above average; 7= Good ; 8 = Great ; 9 = Greater; 10 = Perfect .

Ok , forget trying to be perfect. No one is a ten.


The main idea in life is to operate consistently as a NINER ( 9/10).

Why ? And this is the crux .

When you are thinking, talking and vibrating as a NINER – you will attract 90% of ” THE RIGHT STUFF” into your life – and only magnetize 10 % of the ”THE WRONG STUFF’’ into your life .

That is how it works .

Ask THE ALL BLACKS what it’s like  to be a NINER ? There win ratio under Steve Hansen is an astounding 91 %.

But , if you’re only rating yourself as a FIVE ( 5/10)  – you are effectively attracting 50 % of ‘the right stuff ‘ and unwittingly attracting 50% of ’the wrong stuff ’’ into your life.

Your current GAME PLAN is calling for what we term a RTS :  RADICAL TACTICAL SHIFT – so that you get back on the road to being a NINER  – and  attracting more and more of  ‘’ THE RIGHT STUFF ‘’ into your life .


Shift into high performance gear with the 3 potent P’s in your life. They are the key ingredients of any high level Game Plan – which is made of the right stuff .


Clearly define ‘‘The Why’’ in your life. It’s never about’’ The What’’ in your life, if you’re really serious about wanting more in your life.

Every living being was born to accomplish certain purpose. It’s the knowledge of that purpose that enables every soul to fulfill it– Muhammad Ali


Getting THE BIG FIVE priorities in your life right – is probably the most important value added exercise you will ever do. If you don’t – don’t be surprised if your life begins to cram full with all ‘’the wrong stuff ‘’.

Focus . Focus. Focus on becoming a person of value .

The most important thing I have learnt in life is to focus my energy on what is important in life– Bill Gates

Performance Goals:

Align your performance goals with the Purpose and the Priorities which you have personally set for yourself – and you will never have to look back in life. Just do it.

The Universal Law of Attraction unfolds as such:

Treat yourself as a first class citizen, and you will attract first-class results.

The great champions of life all choose wisely to travel ‘first- class’ in life.

They know that if they choose to travel in the third-class cabin, they will receive a third-class meal. The universe returns a first-class meal to those who choose to travel first class.

It’s the magnetic law of attraction in action where success begets success.

It’s funny about life. If you refuse to accept anything but the very best, you will very often get it– W Somerset Maugham

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