How to escape the human trap called PROCRASTINATION

18 June 2024, Tuesday


“My Advice: Invest in Yourself.”    Warren Buffett





The bedrock of every high- level Personal Game Plan– or Personal Brand – are the 3P’s of branding – namely

 P#1: Defining your PURPOSE

P#2: Setting your PRIORITIES

P#3: Aligning and focusing your PERFORMANCE GOALS


But here in-between lies another ‘P’– and it is an ugly ‘P’ called PROCRASTINATION – when people fail to get the job done.

Consider what Warren Buffett believes:

“Less than 5 % of people get anything like their potential horsepower translated into their actual horsepower.”

He’s right.

Potential exceeds realization for most of us.

Less than 5 % of people go on to achieve their greatest potential in life, and a huge chunk of this under-performance can be attributed to a lack of congruency in their Game Plans – their 3P’s.

Think of Personal Branding as an ice- berg – as depicted in introduction graphic to this article above:


First you have to address the powerful chunk which lies invisible below the surface – making sure that your Purpose and your Priorities are ‘made of the right stuff.’


These are the two P’s which people do not see, but they are the key drivers of the part which lies above the ocean, which people do see – your PERFORMANCE.


Your brand can score highly with the P’s below the ocean, but if your PERFORMANCE GOALS are not aligned and focused – you will fall into the human trap of PROCRASTINATION – and having minimal finite energy to do what you set yourself to do.


You will begin to seek external MOTIVATION…. and more motivation….and more motivation to do something which you do not really wish to do. (What you are seeking to do is not high on your priority list)

Under-performance is the net- result.

But the great champions of life do not participate in the external MOTIVATION game. They set themselves up right to be in the INSPIRATION game – being internally driven to just do–where their performance goals are specifically, not abstractly, aligned with their purpose and priorities.

Things just begin to fall into place for them as they are intrisically inspired .

Performance enhances when inner values and priortities combine to form a congruent force.

Human Greatness happens.

By making your 3P’s congruent (AUTHENTIC, ALIGNED AND ACHIEVABLE) – you will be well on your way to escaping the human trap called PROCRASTINATION – and mastering your health, your happiness and your life.

“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself makes you fearless.”

                                                                                           Lao Tzu

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