Hello Brand Doctor!

18 June 2024, Tuesday

Is your Game plan ‘made of the right stuff’?

Richard Branson believes ’Branding is Everything’. And he’s certainly a ‘Branding Guru’ when it comes to his corporate brand: Virgin, and his personal brand. Richard Branson.

But, even he must have had fleeting moments in his life when he’s wondered if his game plan is’ made of the right stuff’?

Well, we all do at some point in our lives , so here’s a 10 point check list to see how your personal brand stacks up ?

Think of it like the doctor’s checkup – keep the answers very short and sweet–  have some fun !

There’s a scorecard at the end to give you – your very own

 Personal  Prosperity Percentage

Knowing, with clarity the answers to these ‘ game changing ‘ questions will keep you  firmly on the road to sustained success and significance in life –  the road called  human greatness , as

The person with more certainty –  Rules the Game !


  1. What do you believe is ‘the secret to life ‘?
  2. What ‘makes time fly’ for you? What makes  YOU truly happy ?
  3. What are you innately good at? List your innate skills set?
  4. Name the 5 most important things in your life? List your priorities. And rank them 1-5! Like family etc.?
  5. Name the three highest ranking ‘softer values’ in your life? Like honesty, integrity etc.?
  6. Why are you on this planet? State your purpose in life?
  7. What are your top three goals for this year? List your ‘to do list’? Your performance goals?
  8. What must I stop doing this year? List your ‘to stop list’?
  9. What do you want written on  ‘your tombstone’ – your legacy? Three words only.
  10. What’s your motto in life?

Ok, well done; now give yourself a score out of ten for each question depending on how easy the question was for you to answer.

Ten if extremely easy  to answer – zero if extremely difficult to answer.

Add your score, and give yourself a ‘ personal prosperity percentage ‘.

Now you know how your personal brand stacks up on the road to human greatness.

The key is to cram your game plan full of more of ‘the right stuff’ and less of ‘the wrong stuff’.

And to seek authenticity, simplicity and synchronicity between your purpose, your priorities and your performance goals.

And have fun doing it all !

DIN & DIP was the best advice that I was ever given in life Do It Now & Do It Properly! Greg Norman


*Rob Opie is the founder of The Game Plan , a Brand Strategist, Speaker, Author and ‘The Game Changer’ to organizational teams, sports teams and individuals. Rob’s purpose in life is to help elevate brands from good to great to greater – inspiring organizations and individuals them to reach ‘the next level’ of performance. His ground breaking ‘The Game Plan Method’, which embraces potent game- changing methodologies derived from the great champions of business, sport and life, is currently sweeping across South Africa, helping to create  extraordinary stories of sustained success and significance – making next happen. For more on specialized marketing services, please contact Rob on robopie@thegameplan.co.za