Goodbye Covid 19. A  Covid song for YOU and a nostalgic look back at LEVEL FIVE lockdown

28 May 2024, Tuesday

During Level FIVE lockdown few of us ever imagined that this pandemic would last more than a few months, and then life would go on.

A big mistake in our thinking.

A buddie from the local Durban music scene, a plumstead boetman and I decided during LEVEL FIVE  to do something different and team to up write  and  record a song :  “ Goodbye  COVID  19 “- in a makeshift garage studio. Thanks must go to Elton John for the inspiration he gives so much of.

I suppose we were just trying to wish the pandemic “GOODBYE” – help put an end to it in an inspired collective human way!  

You can take a listen by clicking here below on MP3  –  noting  that at this point in Level Five nobody except essential services were allowed  out – so we thought our ‘ garage ‘ effort was pretty good avoiding the  cop cars in an industry that was  deemed far from essential – namely entertainment.

Have a listen and let me know what you think of ‘the garage boys’ – two years post level five in 2020 – a very long time coming………………..

The song’s words remain true today………..

GoodBye Covid-19 MP3

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