Good to Great to Greater. Taking it to The Next Level

17 July 2024, Wednesday




Great is not something one is given in life . Great is something one must take in life




Love him or hate him, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is gaining momentum.

His campaign slogan : ”Make America Great again’’ – speaks to Americans .


He’s the embodiment of the American dream, having built his empire from nothing and failed many times, and gone on to achieve greatness – Sylvester Chauke: DNA Brand Architects.


Many people look to leaders like Donald Trump believing that failure teaches us many of life lessons

It’s a road to great which embraces :  ‘’ The School of Hard Knocks ‘’

And it’s a school that has become pretty popular in today’s modern world.

But, there exists an even more effective , more efficient and easier way  from Good to Great to Greater .


The Way of the Great Champions

It’s a road that can knock years off one’s learning curve – simply by taking heed of the collective wisdom of the great champions who have gone before:

What they know, what they do, and what they do not do –  to achieve great.

In my latest series of talks I explore human greatness – distilling  and packaging the game – changing  strategies and tactics of the great champions of business and sport .

How do they go on to achieve human greatness – defined as Sustained Success and Significance.:

GOOD to GREAT to GREATER. Taking it to The Next Level .

The talk takes you ‘ inside the game plans ‘of the Great Champions of Business, Sport and Life – sharing  case studies , stories and anecdotes, including potent game changers , which will inspire and help your team to reach the next level of great :

What the great champions know, but coaches seldom teach!

It’s the stuff that you cannot Google, the stuff you will not find on the Internet, and the stuff they do not teach you at Harvard!

Invest in your team . Ignite your team .

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Rob Opie is a Brand Strategist, Key Note Speaker, Author and  ‘ Performance Coach’ to corporate teams , organizational teams, sports teams and individuals


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