Give yourself your own “BOOSTER” jab for 2022. Here’s how?

18 June 2024, Tuesday

There can be little doubting that the ongoing Covid pandemic has “EMOTIONALLY TAXED” each and every one of us – in some way or another.

An ongoing emotional tax, if not dealt with in the right way, will eventually turn into a direct taxation on your immune system.

No longer can we simply afford to outsource our health and happiness to the pharmaceutical companies only – in hoping that they will soon come up with an Omicron “booster”–   that will end the epidemic.

The reality is that Covid is not going away fast.

We must therefore do more for ourselves.

We have “gotta guard the door” to our very own health and happiness – especially when it comes down to the continued ” taxing ” we are seeing in the emotional realm. (What we feed into our minds)

Negative toxic emotions such as Resentment, Hate. Guilt, Criticism and Futility (Self Pity) held long term – can and will begin to play havoc with our immune systems – and significantly increase our health risks during a pandemic.

We must take control.

We must seek out our own set of positive “MINDSET BOOSTERS” for 2022 and beyond.

How to do this?  

Many of us have tragically lost family and friends to Covid – many have lost businesses, many have lost jobs, and many may have lost hope in our fragile daily lives.

This can easily result in a MINDSET SHIFT towards a feeling of victimhood.

This is the grave danger of any ongoing pandemic.

Victimhood is nothing less than a powerful form of self sabotage.

Only with the MINDSET OF A VICTOR, not victim, can one expect one’s best made plans for 2022 to come into fruition.

This is one of the most powerful universal principles of life and health.

If you ever get to that point when you feel that Covid is just too much – it is time to take control :

 “Control the Controllables”

Faith, Confidence and Belief play a massive role in maintaining a “MINDSET OF A VICTOR”.

Rest assured – there will come many exciting new opportunities in 2022 and beyond.

Just last week I got a call from a well known South African.

He has embarked on a unique new adventure on the other side of the world.

It is a challenging one, but that is what internally drives him.

He requested some help, and I could not jump quicker, to get involved with his new exciting challenge.

There is nothing better than keeping one’s mind pumped up on an exciting new adventure, expedition, experience.

It will be your “Booster” jab for 2022.

Please do go out there and find your very own “MIND BOOSTERS” for 2022.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find out how it will pump up your immune system – to empower YOU to handle any pandemic challenges.

Take control of your controllables.

Opportunity beckons.

Make 2022 count.

Happy New Year.



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