30 May 2024, Thursday
‘ My Advice. Invest in yourself ‘ : Warren Buffett


Hi, I’m coach Rob Opie, and I would like to welcome YOU onboard a five week  journey crammed full with Insight, Innovation and Inspiration (and some light-hearted fun too)


I will be taking you inside the HIGH LEVEL GAME PLANS OF THE GREAT CHAMPIONS of Business, Sport and Life, sharing what they know, what they do and what they do not do – so that you too can play ‘ The Game of Life’ at the highest level.

We will be exploring Human Greatness (and its counter- part Human Implosion).

As they say:

If you want to be the best, you must learn from the best

In addition, I will be coaching live by answering any of your coaching related questions:


Your feedback will be appreciated:


Congratulations to you!

Having registered for this short course, YOU must already be thinking like eleven times World Surfing Champion, Kelly Slater who said:

Average is NOT where I want to be

This course is designed to help YOU to power up your game- putting you on the fast track from Good to Great to Greater.

The primary game- changing champion’s tool which we will be focussing on for the next five weeks, is one called:


Whether we know it or not, we’re all in the game of Personal Selling (closing the deal) and Personal Marketing (creating and sustaining relationships).

Talent, beauty, strength, intelligence, kindness, wealth, humour, loyalty, power are all ways we advertise and market our value as human beings.

But, few of us truly capitalise on the inherent power that lies in:


The great champions do. And it’s what sets them apart.

In this coaching newsletter, I will empower YOU with ‘the how’.

As human behaviour expert Dr John de Martini states:

If you do not empower yourself, someone or something will overpower you.

 Are you ready?

Famed American billionaire Warren Buffett, who is regarded as one of the world’s greatest investors, believes that:

Less than 5 % of people get anything like their potential horsepower translated into their actual horsepower

He’s right. Potential exceeds realization for most of us.

Less than 5 % of people go on to achieve their greatest potential in life.

Let’s name this elusive and exclusive club:


And let’s make that club a little bigger and better in the next five weeks……….

By mastering the personal branding principles, as presented on this five week online short course, you will find yourself on an inspired journey to unlock and unleash your own greatest potential in life.

A journey to become that 5% Person.

A person who masters life.


Branding is Everything: Richard Branson

To kick off, here’s a quick REALITY CHECK ON YOURSELF – as we will re-measure at the end of the course:

Below is THE GAME PLAN’s ‘Good to Great to Greater’ EVEREST BAROMETER which we use.

It measures how you perceive your own current GAME PLAN to be:

Take a helicopter view of your Professional and Personal Life – and give yourself a score on a scale of ONE TO TEN:

Remember the great champions, are in that exclusive 5% CLUB – consistently playing the game at the 9.5 out 10 level.

Think of Human Greatness as Success and Significance Sustained…… they are the 3 S’s of GREAT

Now you have your starting score.

Now, it’s time to start the journey.

We will be using an ICE BERG MODEL (as depicted below) to POWER UP YOUR PERSONAL BRAND.


There are 3 powerful P’s which are the key ingredients of a potent Personal Brand, namely




Everybody can clearly see what’s going on above the water with your performance levels.

In sport it’s even clearer via updated career statistics.

But, it’s the P’s below the water which count most – becoming vital cogs in driving human greatness:

Sustained Success & Significance

The great champions never fail to invest below the water.Why ?

Personal Branding serves as one’s compass in good times – and one’s scaffolding in bad times

It’s crucial to have all the three P’s : PERFECTLY ALIGNED- if you want to be part of the exclusive 5 % CLUB.

Next week. WEEK TWO, we will be looking at how YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE plays such an integral role in setting up right.

We will be working together to define/refine your very own unique PURPOSE IN LIFE.

That’s it for WEEK ONE…….by WEEK FIVE we will have a potent new HIGH LEVEL GAME PLAN in place for you!

In this week’s inspirational video story – here’s something to fire you up right at the start:

Remember Right Said Fred’s STAND UP FOR THE CHAMPIONS

aaa RSF 2

His song is crammed full with CHAMPION lyrics:

Here we go, it’s getting close – now it’s just about who wants it most………

Enjoy the video by clicking on it below.

Till next week.

Go Great

Coach Rob




aaa JR

The Game Changers presents that everyone, every team can find the key to real achievement in life. Finding real purpose need not be random. It is an awesome proposal and one that must be investigated by anyone who fears being ordinary – John Robbie


Rob Opie is Brand Strategist, Speaker, Author and leading Performance Coach. He empowers, inspires and helps both teams and individuals to achieve their own greatest potential in life.

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