GAME CHANGER NUMBER FIVE: ‘Conquer, do not fight ‘

17 July 2024, Wednesday

 I came. I saw I conquered ‘ Julius Caesar 46 BC  

One thing is for sure – at some point in our lives we all have to face up to some form of adversity. Extreme challenge comes to all. Our mettle gets tested , and it’s at times like these that it’s best to ‘take heed’ of what the great champions of life and health know , do and do not do to overcome some of life’s greatest challenges.

Now that’s never easy when one is gripped by emotion, so here’s a game changer shared – one  which the great champions always choose first :

They choose to conquer, rather than to fight

Conquering entails coming from a position of strength.

Fighting means coming from a position of weakness.

And there’s a huge difference.

Everest stands 8848 meters tall. Above 8000 meters climbers enter what is termed ‘the death zone ‘– or ‘where helicopters do not fly’. This is because at 8000 meters and above, the air is too thin for helicopters to fly rescue missions. You’re on your own .And the great Everest explorers all know one thing– one cannot fight the mountain – one cannot bully Everest.

Tragically in the past 12 months alone , we have seen a number of incidents where Everest has taken the lives of those who have not ‘taken heed’ – as recreational climbers pile on the commercial pressure to be ‘on the mountain ‘.

Everest teaches us many life lessons – when to ‘be on the mountain’ and when to ‘be off the mountain’. Conquering Everest demands ‘taking heed’ – listening to the mountain – working with the mountain – never against it.

Sometimes one must make next happen. Sometimes one must let next happen. Choosing to ‘fight the mountain’ often ends in tragedy.

The very same applies in the cancer wards of Albert Luthuli hospital in Durban. One cannot bully or fight cancer. Cancer Champions, who go on to conquer cancer, choose not to fight the dis-ease .They ‘take heed’ of the universal message, which is cancer. They make the necessary lifestyle changes and bounce back to live fulfilled healthy lives. They choose to conquer ‘the mountain called cancer’.

Adversity demands something which the great champions refer to as a ‘Radical Tactical Shift’ – a R.T.S.

When something is not working – it’s wise to approach it differently, by working with the mountain, not against it.

Knowledge, hence greater levels of human awareness, becomes the crucial game changer to counter adversity!

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