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18 July 2024, Thursday








In this week’s newsletter I continue the theme of wellbeing– sharing insights, innovation and inspiration on how to live a healthy and happy life of balance.

In health, the human body is designed to operate in a state of balance – and functions optimally as a harmonious, synchronised unit.

When the mind, body and spirit are all in sync, there is an optimal state of life balance.

Life is good when we observe one of the most powerful universal principles of living a balanced life:

’Too much or too little of anything for too long, will create a state of imbalance


However, as emotional beings, we live mostly hectic, fast-paced lives and many stressors are often responsible for disturbing and disrupting this optimum state of balance.

Sometimes, we get it unwittingly wrong. Sometimes, we get it habitually wrong.

We create fertile ground for a state of imbalance to evolve.

Few of us even comprehend the power (empowerment) of living life in balance – or the inherent dangers (dis-empowerment) of living life in a continued state of imbalance.

When we do get it humanly wrong – either the universe through ‘incidents or accidents’ – or the human body through ‘our physiology’ will send us a stern message:

to return the human body and mind to its optimal state of balance 

Often we fail to hear the universal or physical message – and we continue to live our lives in a constant state of imbalance.

This is especially prevalent when it comes to the emotional realm of life and health – and its polarized extremes.

Here are examples:

Resentment vs. Infatuation. Hate vs. Love. Attachment vs. Detachment. Guilt vs. Self-worth. Criticism vs. Praise. Pleasure vs. Pain. Pride vs. Shame. Hope vs Despair. Gain vs. Loss. Kind vs Cruel .Challenge vs. Support.Inspired vs. Depressed , Give vs. Take. Happy vs. Sad.Purpose vs. Futility… and on and on.

The consequences of ‘too much or too little’ can be devastating, sometimes even life threatening.

Medical doctors will be quick to label YOU, and the pharmaceutical industry will continue to make billions by supplying symptomatic drugs.

The real solution is to return the human mind and body to a ‘State of Balance’- to maintain a balanced perspective on life – to see both sides.

An example of polarized emotional states which can cause havoc with our health is that of: RESENTMENT and its counter- part INFATUATION.

Too much RESENTMENT for too longer period of time – turns toxic and becomes CANCER.

Whilst swinging between the polarized extremes of RESENTMENT and INFATUATION will see doctors label the person as Bi-Polar.

Symptomatic drugs are prescribed by medical science in both these cases, but the real need is to  ‘take heed’ of the stern message which the universe is sending out – and return the human mind and body to its required state of balance –  where it can function optimally.

Pain is not the enemy. It’s the human body’s way of telling you something is wrong – something is out of balance.

One’s physical symptoms will dissolve when balance is restored.

It’s vital to seek balance in all three realms of health and life – namely:

Physical (what we put into our bodies), Chemical (what we put into our mouths) and Emotional (what we put into our heads) .

One of Britain’s greatest ever athletic champions, had it spot on when he once shared the following wisdom

We all have a finite amount of energy. Whether you use physical or mental energy it all comes from the same source. Wherever you focus your energy you’re either filling or depleting the same  ”well” – Sir Sebastian Coe

Balance is the key to self –empowerment.

Balance is the key to living a happy and healthy life.

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