During an extended COVID-19 lockdown, be sure to guard your mental health.

18 June 2024, Tuesday






”Every day, you’ve gotta stand guard of the door to your mind” Tony Robbins


The South African Covid-19 Command Council has chosen to prioritise health issues over economic ones.

But, are they seeing the bigger picture?

Extended lockdowns can wreck havoc with other health issues – like mental health issues.

Consider one of the most powerful universal principles of health and life:

Too much or too little of anything – for too long – will lead to a state of human imbalance.

It’s vital to live life in balance – as balance creates wellness – imbalance creates illness.

Extended lockdowns have worked to remove balance out of the health & life equations of nearly all South Africans.

Now the #1 risk is what is called “BURN OUT”.

  • BURN OUT is when we live our lives out of balance – individually and collectively – for too long.
  • BURN OUT is a result of doing too many of the wrong things.
  • BURN OUT is the pre- cursor of many other serious illnesses, such as depression, addiction, heart attack, cancer, auto immune diseases, diabetes and many more.

The big picture shows that South Africans have already been pushed to the point of BURN OUT  via an economic recession – with extended periods of electricity and water outages ravaging the economy – pre-Covid.

We are now all witnessing the early stages of ‘COMBATIVE BURN OUT “– when a country ‘fights’ against its own ‘senseless’ laws.

The situation can become an even bigger issue if corporates are allowed to play the “Covid Card’ during an extended lockdown – in laying off staff.

We will see more and more of this in coming weeks and months – if we decide to continue in lockdown.

Given the imbalance created by extended lockdown, how does one stand guard of the door to our minds in Tony Robbin’s wise words?

Here are a few insights, ideas and inspiration to help YOU to emerge from the tunnel with the least possible damage.


It has with three vital energy buckets.

#1.Physical bucket – what we put into our bodies.
#2.Chemical bucket – what we put into our mouths & noses.  
#3.Emotional (mental) bucket – what we put into our minds.

Every day, we’re either FILLING OR DRAINING the finite human energy well.

With Stage#4 easing, it’s become a little easier to get it right with the physical and chemical  buckets, but now the real risk lies in what we do with emotional bucket – what we put into our minds.

It’s here that we are now seeing South African’s starting to default during an extended lock down.

Tony Robbins adds:

Emotion is the ultimate force

Here are three suggestions on how to navigate YOURSELF through – and out the tunnel– so YOU come out a stronger and better person.


Right now there’s still a lot that is out of our control, but there’s also a lot that’s within our control.

It’s important to know the difference.

Change what you can and accept what you can’t change.

Use you finite energy levels to stay alert and seize any change opportunities that present themselves.

A mate of mine is 100% invested in water sports…….

Well, he’s still in total lock down now, but he’s taking this time to make the necessary changes.

He’s moving from his current retail operating space to create a new ‘’digital hub ‘for his new look business.

Another mate has taken the Covid-19 time to fix and diversify his business. His core business will no longer be his core business.

Another mate is having such a fantastic few financial  months by finding the time to invest in opportunistic things which he previously did not have the time of day for before.

Covid-19 is a time to re-look, re-position and re-imagine.



The media are having an unprecedented field day covering Covid-19.

Ok, they are in the business of selling FEAR first and foremost – bad news sells best due to the human psyche.

Be aware to limit your news intake.

NO real Covid-19 vaccine experts have emerged to date – so why listen continuously.

Stay alert, practice proper hygiene and social distancing – and don’t allow negativity to compound in your life.



Mindset matters most.

Play your own ‘Covid Card’ wisely

Don’t play VICTIM, because of Covid-19.


By investing your energy & time wisely, YOU can and will emerge from the tunnel a stronger and better person.

Invest in yourself – and your new future game plan.

The cell phone companies are providing cheaper and faster data – now is the time to leverage the power of online.

Things are going to look a lot more digital post Covid-19.

The world has changed for a better place.

Every game has winner – every winner has game plan



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