Durban. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly……

17 July 2024, Wednesday

As a Durbanite, I spent most of this past week wanting to ‘wish away reality’.

That’s simply not possible, but from the ‘Political Playout’ comes many positives for our great nation.

Here are some of the positives which I witnessed unfolding in Durban this past week…….

#1:  The Power in our COMMUNITIES.

The camaraderie shown in our Durban communities was unsurpassed.

South Africans coming together to declare that an urgent common concern is more important than our cultural differences.

Coming together in building our great country.

Coming together to stamp out a small minority faction who want to break our great country.

A crystal clear message of ‘South African Resilience’ was sent out by our communities – far and wide.     

#2. The Power in our FOOD SUPPLY CHAIN

Last week Durbanites experienced something different – as food supplies ran out within days.  

Bread and milk – food substances which we take for granted – where simply not available.

From Farm to Fork we need to salute the heroes in our food supply chain who work selflessly and tirelessly to put food on our tables.

Great companies, led by great CEOs, with great teams, who put food on our tables every day throughout the Covid lockdown – and responded with distinction to the Durban food crisis.

We salute you all.

#3: The Power in our CONSTITUTION

Today, Sunday 18th July, we celebrate Nelson Mandela’s birthday – and of course the power which lies in our constitution.

This past week our constitution was again put to the test.

It passed with distinction again – and so did our president – who has led the country through another crisis.

The reluctance to prosecute has waned.

Those who instigated the crisis – will be prosecuted.  

The ‘Political Playout’ which we witnessed in Durban was “Custer’s (Zuma’s) last stand.”

Now, we can move forward and truly focus on building our great country.

Halala Cyril.


Go Great


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