Cyril.Tomorrow the nation turns its hoping eyes to you.

18 July 2024, Thursday









What the South African Covid-19 statistics reveal is interesting, BUT what they do not reveal is VITAL.

Take for instance the exponential increase in the number of ‘EXCESS DEATHS’ in South Africa.

 While government recorded a total of 5,940 deaths to Covid-19 by 22 July, a Medical Research Council (MRC) report has found that “In the period 6 May – 14 July 2020, there has been an excess of 17,090 deaths from natural causes”. 

The duration of the pandemic – coupled with the unprecedented lock-down period – are the primary reasons behind an increasing number of ‘excess deaths’.

Surging societal stress levels will kill far more people than Covid-19 ever will.

Livelihoods are being destroyed – businesses and families alike.

Also read: COVID-19 stress related deaths are taking their toll in South Africa. 

Tomorrow, Saturday 15 August the nation has reached its tipping point.

No longer are law abiding South Africans prepared to be labelled as ‘criminals’ for wanting to feed their families.

Unemployment, hunger and poverty are becoming the second pandemic.

The FULL LOCAL ECONOMY must be allowed to OPEN UP – given strict protocols are in place.

South Africans have had more than enough time to learn about social distancing, proper hygiene and isolation.

South Africans must be trusted to do THE RIGHT THING.

Common sense must prevail if we are to unite in common purpose.

Mr President, please do THE RIGHT THING at the President Co-ordinating Council (PCC) meeting tomorrow.

The nation turns its hoping eyes to you.

Go Great.



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