COVID-19 LOCKDOWN. The perfect opportunity to power up your own personal brand. FREE e-Learning invitation

30 May 2024, Thursday



“My advice. Invest in yourself.” Warren Buffett




Covid-19 lockdown, coupled with the unprecedented high levels of uncertainty, will see many of us taking this opportunity to take a constructive view on how we want our professional and personal lives to look moving forward……..


Is your current game plan made of the right stuff?

On a scale of 1-10 how do you score your own PERSONAL BRAND right now?

Will it be helping YOU to come through these turbulent times with flying colours, or will it see YOU double- faulting when the real pressure starts to mount?

One personal brand which seems to be double- faulting is that of BRAND DONALD TRUMP.

One personal brand which is certainly on an upward path from Good to Great to Greater – is that of BRAND CYRIL RAMAPHOSA.

As South Africans, we are indeed blessed to have a GREAT LEADER during a time of crisis.



But, what about BRAND YOU?

Are YOU ready to play your crucial role moving forward?

It’s now prime time to invest in BRAND YOU – your own PERSONAL BRAND – your GAME PLAN.

At THE GAME PLAN we would like to extend a special invitation to YOU during the lock-down period – an invite to join our FREE e-Learning programme to help YOU to power up your own personal brand.

At THE GAME PLAN, we have being researching and studying the great champions of life for more than two decades – to model what they know, what they do and what they do not do to become human great – and importantly how they avoid human implosion.

We have developed invaluable techniques and tools to help YOU to take full advantage of the inherent power which lies within PERSONAL BRANDING.

Without doubt, one of the most powerful tools that the great champions leverage in good times and in bad times – is the science and art of PERSONAL BRANDING.

Strong PERSONAL BRANDS serve as one’s compass in good times – and scaffolding in turbulent times.


Please join me on this three week journey from Good to Great to Greater, crammed full with insight, innovation and inspiration


It’s 100% FREE. 100% Mahala – in the interests of our support initiative to :

Growing South Africans Great 

POWER UP YOUR PERSONAL BRAND : How to unlock and unleash your own greatest potential.

I will be sharing with you THE GAME PLAN METHOD – and all the power tools to help YOU to power up your own personal brand.

It’s all be packed into three SHORT impactful learning modules –  a three week power programme.

Here they are:

Week One: Brand Reality Check.

Where do I come from? Where am I now? Where do I want to be?

Here we look at your current situation –  your current reality –  your current challenges –  and where you would like to be sooner, rather than later!

Week Two: Brand Diagnostics.

What is currently working for you? What is currently not working for you?

Here we take out the current constraints – and place your focus on what’s important in your life.

Week Three: Brand Game Plan.

This is the action week.

We we take a look at your Game Plan to determine its current level, then we re-programme as a NEW HIGHER LEVEL GAME PLAN – that of a champion.

Together we will be taking a closer look at Purpose, Priorities and Performance Goals.

When you align these you will find yourself  on your own path from Good to Greater to Greater.

All you have to do is set one hour aside each week for reading. Then it’s time to craft your very own GAME PLAN for your very own professional and personal life beyond Covid-19.

If you are an email subscriber the three modules will be coming to you weekly via mail chimp –or alternatively you can access via LinkedIn;Face book or on my home page :

Please do invite your family, friends and colleagues to subscribe FREE and join us on this journey starting on WEDNESDAY this week. All they need to do is send an email request to join.



#1. I will be coaching online – answering any of your coaching questions via email

#2. All subscribers will also receive a complimentary copy of my e-Book PERSONAL BRANDING – how to achieve your own greatest potential.

#3.  If you require any further help with your PERSONAL BRAND, you are welcome to book a personal Skype online consult/coaching session with myself.

 We all need life coaches who can guide and help us to become better performers but we need to show up for practice to make it happen. Rob’s books and wisdom offer us that opportunity. It is about participating in the game of life so you can’t be a loser:  Bernie Siegel MD

The role of every South African will count BIG in the next few weeks – and beyond COVID 19.

Right now it may appear that we are all in a long dark tunnel together, but rest assured, the light will shine again.

That’s if we all play the game right together – doing the right things – at the right time

Now is the time to invest wisely in YOURSELF – as you are your own greatest asset.

Do take advantage of this crisis period.

To close here are some words of wisdom from a great golfing champion.

DIN & DIP: Do it now. Do it properly: Greg Norman 

Plus, here are two inspirational videos.

First a recent video from all the golfing champions in Europe……. congrats champs!


And another from way back in 1985 – wherein Jane Fonda shared some beautiful words with the world – at the time of a different crisis.



Go Great. Go Well.



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Rob Opie is a Brand Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Author, Performance Coach to Business & Sports Teams – and Life Coach to those on a journey to self-actualisation.

His game- changing THE GAME PLAN METHOD, is helping both teams and individuals throughout South Africa to achieve their greatest potential.