Covid-19. Give, give me the good news ………10 positives to ponder.

18 June 2024, Tuesday







Many of us are getting a little ‘gatvol’ of  the continued negative press narrative which surrounds Covid-19.

I’m sure you are as well, but it’s NOT all bad news out there.

Looking at it from a Durban perspective, here’s a good healthy chunk of the good news for fellow Durbanites.

Where ever you may be, I do hope it starts looking up for you as well, as we progress to Level #3.

#1. Durban will soon be gearing up for a bumper Festive season.

Covid -19 has changed the way we will do things, especially when it comes to travel and tourism.

The good news for Durban, is that people are far less likely to travel to the European ski resorts, where so many contracted Covid-19.

Durban will definitely be the place to be this December and bookings agencies are already reporting a pick up – from those who are thinking smart for the festive season.

Get ready Durbs!

#2. Durban’s M4 coastal road will soon be back in action in June.

The Umhlanga interchange came as a welcome relief for Durban traffic flow last year.

Then a section of our Umhlanga coastal M4 road got washed away in a November-19 storm.

This created a bit of havoc , but the good news is that THE ROAD will finally reopen in mid- June!

#3. Stage Three lockdown will give us some partial relief.

Things are looking up with the relaxation of the curfew restrictions.

I just hope more industries can get up and running sooner rather than later.

#StayHomeStaySafe has certainly helped us all to avoid the exponential ‘Covid Curve’ which we have seen in other parts of the world, but it’s had a devastating effect on many people’s lives.

With the liquor industry back in action next Monday, at least we can now stay home and not choke on the price off that sauvignon again.

A chance to stay home, stay safe without breaking the bank – and the law.

#4. Our Water and Electricity are looking good…….

Durban has had good rains and our water supply is in a far better situation than a few years back when our taps were turned off.

Same goes for Eskom.

Eskom CEO, Andre de Ruyter has already found not one, but a few silver bullets. Covid -19 times has afforded his team the much needed time for critical maintenance pre-winter – and the real win will come in the form of the 40 odd highly experienced ex- Eskom technicians who have volunteered their services to help our country.

Real heroes who are not even taking salaries.

Watch how good these guys are…….. .

#5. Our fuel has suddenly got a lot cheaper

With Brent Crude finding some point of stability in the mid-thirties, our petrol price has reduced significantly.

This brings with it obvious benefits for many hit hard by Covid-19 challenges.

Let’s hope that our domestic airlines will soon be back in the air – and they can certainly benefit from cheap fuel which is a major chunk of their costs.

#6. Our Durban weather has been superb.

Durban’s April & May weather has been simply superb.

With the rest of South Africa bracing itself for the onslaught of the winter cold, spare a moment for those who have to practice social distancing in very difficult winter conditions.

We’re very lucky in Durban with our magnificent winter weather. Durban#thewarmestplacetobe.

#7. Our beaches, our rivers, our national parks have been in ‘rehab’.

If you live close to the beach, you’ll have noticed how clean things are now.

It’s as if we gave all our natural resources a required break to recover in lock down.

#8. A new appreciation for live sport.

Wow, did many of us become complacent about going to the stadium and supporting THE SHARKS – and other sporting codes.

Hopefully we will all soon be back in numbers to enjoy what sport gives us in life – Entertainment, Education and Enrichment.

#9. A whole new breed of entrepreneurs is emerging.

Covid-19 is already producing a whole new breed of entrepreneurs – those who are open to playing the game in a whole new way.

Nothing is impossible when the rules of the game are changed so dramatically, and so quickly.

The podiums are empty and waiting for the winners to stand up.

Opportunity beckons.

#10. Covid-19 has made us all think more about life

Covid-19 has changed the way we will live our lives moving forward.

It’s made us become ‘human beings’ again – not the ‘human doings’ that we had become.

In a strange sort of way Covid-19 has been a blessing in disguise.

It’s made the world a better place.

It’s given us all the chance to do life better.


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