Can late bloomer Rassie be compared with his predecessor – the great Hashim Amla?

30 May 2024, Thursday

Let’s  take a closer look.

In 2013 Hashim Amla  was ranked  #1  Test  batsman  in the world – no small  feat for a  man  who had been  heavily critised in his early 2004 career for not having the right technique – a moving head against the the quicks and a  non – conventional  back lift .

Hashim listened and removed all weaknesses in his own technique and game plan – and went on to become one cricket’s true batting greats with the following statistics:

Played 124 tests @ an average of 47 :

Played 151 ODI’s @ an average  of 49:

Played 44 T20’s  @ an average of 34

Even Barry Richards doubted him in the early days, but even Barry had to eat his words – as those are massively impressive stats.

Let’s now take a look at what Rasssie has done to date “

Played 15 tests @ an average of 33:

Played 36 ODI’s @ an average of 75   (highest ever for any player):

Played 39 T20’ @ an average of 38

It’s clear that 33 year old  Rassie’s career, has a long way to run to match Hashim’s supreme test consistency and  century  conversion rate.

Rassie has superb short game statistics – his fitness playing an important role, but lags Hashim in the test arena by  a large  margin.

BUT, what he has in his arsenal is his incredible fitness and physical preparation, which will allow him to play some long test, knocks –   like Hashim did to boost his test average after it was also far lower at the start of his test career.

BUT, the decisive difference is Hashim’s 28  hundreds in test cricket. WOW.

Rassie is yet to reach the three figure mark in test matches.

We will simply have to wait and see just what Rassie is capable of?

However good he is, and however well he spearheads the Proteas batting, he is just too far behind Hashim  in his test career to justify any comparisons at this juncture

Much yet to prove in test cricket for a very classy Rassie Van der Dussen.

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