British & Irish Lions. Move the tour to Durban before it’s too late.

28 May 2024, Tuesday

All South Africans experienced a bitterly cold start to June month.

There can be little doubting that this had a super spreader effect, as people huddled indoors to avoid the cold – significantly more so in Gauteng.

The numbers tell the story.

The British Lions tour has now come under threat with further players testing positive in Gauteng.

The question begs asking ……

Why has no realistic action been taken by SA RUGBY?

Why not move all the games to Durban?

Durban has experienced an ‘Indian Summer’ since those odd few cold days in early June – with no exponential growth in Covid cases – as in Gauteng which has had an ongoing cold winter

Unfortunately Cape Town, with its recent cold and wet weather is also at high risk – as people naturally seek to huddle indoors for warmth.

But, here in a warmer Durban the tour will have its best chance of success.

Nobody knows for certain what will happen with the Covid numbers, but the message to SA RUGBY must NOW be clear.


Surely, the Gauteng statistics call for a :

RTS – a Radical Tactical Shift.

Move both teams into a bio– bubble conducive environment in warmer Durban – to save the tour.

Last Saturday, I put my money on a CAPE based horse that won the Vodacom DURBAN JULY, a horse drawn way out wide at #18, with a jockey that nearly had no flight that morning from Johannesburg – due to Level 4 restrictions.

Maybe, SA Rugby also needs to take heed that things are just NOT quite business as usual.

Come on SA RUGBY, be proactive now.  

#KOMMETDIEDING (Vodacom Durban July winner 2021) 


Needed sooner rather than later by SA RUGBY, to ensure the tour goes ahead.

Go Great


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