Beware “E” Power. It magnetizes performance in sport. And in life

18 June 2024, Tuesday

Watching Henrik Stenson make it look all so easy at Royal Troon, it’s hard to believe how his career has seen such incredible highs and lows.


Once known as “The Comeback Man” after twice falling out of the top 200 ranked golfers in the world, Stenson has seen it all. Many moons back when his ranking had dropped to a lowly 631st, his coach Peter Cowan had commented:


He was driving it so badly he could not hit the world – let alone a fairway “

But, all that was a distant memory when he arrived at Royal Troon, fresh from a win at the BMW International, which had broken the shackles of playing runner up to Jordan Spieth so many times in 2015.

Stenson was brimming with Faith, Confidence and Belief – the champion’s cocktail.

It’s as if he had “a few extra clubs in his bag”.

After his record-setting performance, with the gleaming Claret Jug at his side he quietly revealed:

If I didn’t believe .I wouldn’t be sitting here

Stenson hinted that he had a premonition of his fate at Royal Troon. He didn’t just think he could win. He thought he would win.

He explained:

I felt like this was going to be my turn, it’s not something you want to run around and shout, but I felt like this was going to be my turn. I knew I was going to have to battle back if it wasn’t, but I think that was the extra self-belief that made me go all the way this week.

Nick Faldo paid the following tribute :

That was links perfection. I’ve never seen anything like that. It was incredible.

Henrik Stenson had something else in his bag . Another potent cocktail called “E- Power “- Emotional Power, which when unlocked and unleashed can produce awe- inspiring results.

It comes from finding deeper meaning and purpose.

For Henrik Stenson, it was the death of close mentor and friend on the eve of The British  Open, which magnified his purpose, and magnetized his performance

I feel like he has been with me all week – Mike, this one is for you, said an emotional Stenson as he raised the claret jug one more time and kissed it.

It is strange how personal tragedies can actually free up the mind, and allowed Stenson to find a new plane, a serene plateau.



That’s the best I’ve ever played and not won – Phil Mickelson



For Phil Michelson it was a case of you prepare and prepare, you play brilliantly, but one day some guy has simply just got your number.

That guy was Henrik Stenson.

It was his time, but to understand his story, though, is to know that it never came easy.






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