HOW TO AVOID BURN OUT. Ask Nico Rosberg.

18 June 2024, Tuesday




This is a brave decision by Nico and a testament to the strength of his character: Toto Wolff. Mercedes team boss



There is an argument that Nico Rosberg’s extraordinary retirement represents a more significant move than winning the word title.

It’s a classy move, by a classy man. A human smart move in a sport where ‘Burn Out’ can easily translate into death.

The Mercedes driver explained that he had ‘climbed a mountain’ that left him ‘’1000% sure’’ that he should take his bow at the pinnacle of his profession.

It begs the question :

Why do great champions bow out at the top?

Some will argue that it means that he will stay forever world champion, because he can never lose it now in racing competition, but surely there is more to it than just that.

The great champions of sport and life are acutely aware of a term called ‘Burn Out’.

And it’s only through powering up one’s game plan – having clarity of purpose , priorities  and performance goals – that one can avoid the human trap called ‘Burn Out’.

Nico Rosberg resolved that he had sacrificed enough, saying that he was stepping away after 12 years of Formula One, for the benefit of his wife Vivian, and his daughter Alaia.

I‘m looking forward to being a husband and a dad for a while.

Behind it lies mental tiredness, and the very real threat of ‘Burn Out’ in a sport which punishes that one fatal error of judgement.

Nico Rosberg appreciates that his World Title, accomplished at the climax of a relentless campaign, is as good as it gets.

It’s time to move on.

It’s not so much that you lose the speed – you just lose the need: David Coulthard

Let’s go inside the very high level game plan of a great world champion –a great human being.

The easiest way to do that is to look at the three potent P’s which define a HIGH LEVEL GAME PLAN – his PURPOSE, his PRIORITIES, and his PERFORMANCE GOALS:


To Entertain, to Educate and to Enrich the lives of others.

Nico Rosberg has excelled through maximising on his god –given driving talent. Now it’s time to do just that – in another format – one where he believes he can sustain his journey of success and significance in life.


Having studied many great champions, I’m confident to say that his ‘Big Five’ priorities stack up like this:






Consider this wisdom from Bob Bulford. 

The Great Champions recognize that self -interest is central to one’s human design , but count the greatest gain as the goodwill of fellow humankind

The great champions invest heavily in themselves, so that they can make that difference to their important others.

Now,  its time for Nico Rosberg to elevate his family.


In reality, major change is only happening when one observes his performance goals.

His 12 year journey to become World Champion is done – achieved against all odds.

He has sacrificed. Formula One made him a super star, and pain was the price he paid.

Now he will refine his 2017 performance goals, one of which is to play a far greater role as a father and husband.

Nico Rosberg comprehends that the main idea in life is not to become ’ the richest man in the cemetery’.

He has stepped away at the pinnacle of his high profile profession – to ensure a second half of sustained success and significance.

It’s a champion process called :

Rethink. Refine. Reboot.

Take heed.

Go Great.

Have a great festive season.

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