Ash Barty’s tennis retirement sends out a resounding “Covid Complications” life message.

28 May 2024, Tuesday

It is not without – it is within“   Rumi

This week’s US Masters Golf takes centre stage.

What a great week, with nobody having any idea who will don the Green Jacket on Sunday.

That is the beauty of Masters Golf with so many winners throughout the recent years.

Few have won the Masters multiple times – Tiger and Jack did dominate years back – but those days are far gone.

Masters is a golf tournament which is won often by the golfer who runs into a rich vein of form in the MASTERS week – and the one who the puts least expectations and pressure on himself to win.

That is why no one knows who that golfer is? 

The crowd pressure this year will be overwhelming post COVID..

Of course, we all wish Tiger will compete this year – aged 46 this year – but his chances must be near zero to make the weekend if he chooses to play, given his fragile walking legs for 72 holes.

Covid changed sport – and life – and many other mental things that surround the game.

It has also placed every common man in the street – in an ongoing position of “UNCERTAINTY.

Our sporting greats who were subjected to all types of national sporting bio bubbles. – let us brutualy call them “C’ like maximum prisons.

We saw many examples of World # 1 performers just throwing the in the towel at various stages.

However, John Rahm after agonizing days of isolation – bounced back to win the US OPEN.

And Dustin Johnson – MASTERS CHAMPION, after 11 days of isolation in a hotel room. 

Or the NOVAX debacle.

Less said is better on how the Aussies handled that situation for Novak.

These are just a few examples of the extreme pressure that COVID has put our sporting champions.

Not to mention teams locked up together.

Now we have a sudden situation when tennis ace WORLD #1 Ash Barty pulls the plug on her career aged just 25?

Ok, so how does this impact on the ordinary person in the street.

How has Covid impacted?

No studies have been done on mental impact.


NO TEAM WORK. NO commaraderie – where Together Everyone Achieves More Together.

Just Ask Rasssie .

Conferences have literally waned as CEOs choose the safe way out . Some did not !

Nobody really knows the real impact of two years of COVID, but here are my few thoughts to help.

ASH BARTY got tired of trying to:

 “Control the UnControllables”.

After just three major wins.

For a long time Covid has driven worldwide high levels of uncertainty – and as humans we like to be in some type of control.

And when you try to control things which are out of your control – the result is you drive up your own personal :


Trying to control the uncontrollable is the exact definition of ANXIETY.

So how long can one endure such anxiety in ongoing society?

Two years is just too long ………………….

And we have seen many play –outs, not just from our sporting stars..

It is no wonder; those at the top just decide to bail for their own mental health reasons.

Apparently Ash Barty played golf last week – and won.  


No doubt she has her own personal reasons after competing in a very tough era of a Bio bubbles, geographical and family constraints.

Nobody will ever really know how isolation impacted – especially for the Aussies who had stricter rules.

Covid challenged many worldwide.

It changed world rankings in so many sports 

But Ashley made her call:

“I have no gas left to compete.“ Ash Barty

Go ASH, for when YOU have F.C.B in abundance:  FAITH, CONFIDENCE AND BELIEF, you will always be a WORLD CHAMPION in your own heart.

Looking forward to Masters – the crowds are finally back .

Who is your bet on?

My bet is Rory ?

Your feedback – you personal opinion – is always appreciated and valued.

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