As the Covid-19 lockdown continues, here’s a quick-fire tool kit to help keep you sane.

30 May 2024, Thursday









Covid-19 has put us all through the duration test.

With the SA lockdown fast approaching the 150 day mark –   here’s a quick- fire TOOL KIT to help keep you sane

– and to help YOU to emerge from the Covid-19 tunnel stronger and wiser.

Be the VICTOR, never play the VICTIM.

It’s okay to have those up and down days.

It’s okay to have those positive and negative moments.

That’s life.

But it’s not okay to allow your mindset to shift into victim mode.

Victimhood is THE most powerful form of self-sabotage.

Every morning, every day, every evening you have to stand guard to the door to your mind.

Choose to be the victor.

There is no middle ground on this life choice.

Take charge.

Adversity is the training ground for champions.

Steer clear of creating UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS

Champions are ‘Realistic Optimists’.

Be aware that unrealistic expectations will tax you heavily.

The reality is that the Covid-19 ‘tunnel exit’ will take time – but it will happen.

Ride it out. The light will shine again.

Go easy on yourself.

Don’t make any permanent decisions in temporary times.

Even though you feel that you may be losing it every now and then, never stop believing.

Never stop learning.

Sometimes I win. Always I learn. Roger Federer


Balance is the key to living a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.

You have to invest in all three realms of your life to achieve optimum life balance:

#: PHYSICAL (what you put into your body);

#: CHEMICAL (what you put into your mouth); and

#: EMOTIONAL (what you put into your head).

Be aware that imbalance is what creates illness.

Balance is what creates wellness.

The world has shown us:

Too much or too little of anything – for too long – will create a state of imbalance.



The world may have changed a lot, but as one door closes, another may be opening.

I have heard of many inspiring South African Covid stories of people taking their core competencies and putting them to excellent use in alternative businesses.

The doors will open – if you’re open to invite more of what you really desire into your life.

Post Covid the podiums will be empty and waiting for the winners to stand up.


Invest in YOURSELF build your own high level GAME PLAN.

Playing the game of life without a game plan – is akin to steering a ship with no rudder.

You’ll end up procrastinating through life.

Other people’s priorities will fill up your days.

Ensure that your FOCUS is on the three important P’s in YOUR own life.

They are the vital cogs in any champion’s high level game plan:




To win consistently in life these 3P’s need to be Authentic, Aligned and Actionable.

They are the keys to keeping YOU inspired to do.

Every game has a winner – every winner has a game plan.

Finally, some great news.

Experts are saying that we are now past the COVID -19 peak.

Com’on the summer of 21.




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